Building of shower wall  Fundo Trollo libero / Nautilo libero

Building of shower wall
Fundo Trollo libero

Building of shower wall wedi Fundo design shower

wedi Fundo design showers consist of a floor element and the appropriate separation walls. They are manufactured from the wedi building board base material and are equipped with a fitted and sealed floor drain (vertical or horizontal), a supplementary waterproof coating and a predefined slope. The version Fundo Trollo libero differs from Fundo Trollo by the reinforced back element for attachment of fittings and shower attachments. This also allows for isolated placement. The installation instructions are stated below, taking Fundo Trollo libero as an example.

wedi Fundo – Designduschen
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wedi system components

Fundo Trollo Fundo Nautilo wedi Joint Sealant

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