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The wedi Building Board is made of highest quality ingredients: the closed cell, rigid XPS foam core for consistent waterproofing properties. The strong fiberglass reinforcing mesh on both sides and fully embedded in the boards coating for strength. And finally, the proprietary wedi resin coating on cement basis for a great bond to tile and stone adhesives of all types. wedi Building Boards are made from materials which do not support the growth of mold or mildew, making the board a great underlayment and protection system when used in wet areas such as showers.

Working with the wedi Building Board is clean and easy. Cutting the boards can be done with just a utility knife. You may cut through the entire board or score and snap. Insulation properties of the XPS foam core come in handy where a heat break is needed such as when using the wedi Building Board as an underlayment under floor warming systems. All wedi Building Boards are extremely lightweight and easy to carry and handle on site.

All wedi Building Boards are made free of HCFCs or other ingredients which may expose users to dangers during and after installation.

The variety of wedi Building Boards goes back to the broad range of application possibilities: 1/8 inch boards are used to create kitchen back-splashes or over tub decks, 1/4 inch boards are mostly used on floors, 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch boards are designed for use over framed walls and ceilings. 2 inch boards will make ideal base material to construct shower seats or kitchen countertops from- without the need of any support framing.

But this is not where wedi stops in its continuous efforts to adding value for wedi users. Part of using wedi systems also means to enjoy a systematically developed service offering which will help you completing your projects professionally: a comprehensive and well equipped warranty up to 20 years, certification programs for wedi installers, our field assistance service who will be by your side whenever there is an installation question- hands-on.

But wedi is not only a Building Board and tile underlayment that works great in so many settings. wedi is a shower and wetroom system, the Building Board is one integral component of it. Shower bases, sealants, fasteners, other components such as seats, curb s or soap niches complete the wedi modular system solution. 

What does wedi INSIDE have to offer?
The principle of wedi INSIDE is wonderfully simple: High-quality ceramic coverings require a completely secure surface underneath. For this reason, especially for use under tiles, tradesmen have been trusting wedi's unique quality for decades. 100% waterproof and we are 100% sure of this - we guarantee it with wedi's letter and seal!

  • The blue XPS core is 100% waterproof and still functions if it becomes damaged.
  • wedi Joint Sealant seals joins between boards and makes them waterproof without the need to use any other products. As it is not necessary to use any other waterproofing materials, the tradesman benefits from increased security and a shorter application time.
  • The cement-coated surface forms an incredibly strong base for adhesive thanks to the integrated fabric.
  • All of our building board systems provide fantastic insulation, save energy costs and protect against mould for the long-term.

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