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How can I use my e-mails for advertising purposes?

We cannot emphasise this often enough: Most people who are looking for a tiler ask their business partners, colleagues and neighbours for a recommendation first. Word-of-mouth advertising is and remains the most important advertising tool by far.

You therefore never know who will be the next person that sends you a new customer. This means that you should use every contact which you have to advertise for you. This also applies to the e-mails which you send.

However, heavily designed e-mails in HTML format are not necessarily recommendable. Some e-mail programs simply ignore HTML elements and others do not display the content how you intend it to look. It is therefore easier to attach a small GIF file with your logo to your e-mail. When the e-mail is opened, this file is automatically shown at the end of the text.

How do I design an e-mail newsletter which
my customers will like?

E-mails are actually a great means of advertising: You can make contact with your customers more or less for free, send them information which is up-to-the-minute and offer them a chance to give a direct reaction. All of this requires relatively little effort. Almost anyone can create an e-mail newsletter. However, you will need a little support from a graphic designer and a programmer.

However, it is precisely because they are so low in cost that e-mails are also often used by disreputable suppliers as a means of advertising. We all know this as spam. Nobody likes receiving spam, so you should be careful when using this medium.

It is therefore recommended that, as a rule, you only send e-mails to existing customers. Even stricter rules apply to newsletters: Legally, you are only allowed to send newsletters to recipients who have given their express permission for you to do so. However, you can also obtain this permission online by writing your existing customers an e-mail where you offer them the opportunity to receive the newsletter.

However, none of this means that newsletters are a fundamentally bad means of advertising. On the contrary: Many customers want to receive up-to-date information and like it when you draw their attention to special offers, for example.

How can I use my website in the best possible way?

The most successful websites have a series of features in common:
  • Up-to-date: Websites which are updated frequently are also visited more often.
  • Structure: Website visitors have little patience. The content therefore needs to have a clear structure so that you can find what you are looking for immediately.
  • Benefits: A good website has a clear focus - it is easy to see which benefits it brings to the visitor.
  • Identity: The internet is very complex. Websites should therefore have a clear design which is highly distinctive so that the visitors always know where they currently are.
  • Links: The more often a link is made to your website, the easier it is to find. As links are often both related to each other, you should also provide links to other interesting sites on your website.
Of course, these features are not equally important for all websites. For example, for a company, it is ultimately most important to present its focuses and strengths concisely. Being up-to-date is less important - a tiler does not need to update their website as often as a news portal. However, this aspect is not entirely unimportant either. Even on a small company's website, there should not be a date stamp which shows that the site has not been revised for five years.

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