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Tips for events

What events can I use to advertise my company?

Events are a good opportunity to meet existing customers again and get to know new customers: Sales are not the focus and this means that it is easier to enter into a discussion.

There must always be a reason for an event. For example, if you have a new collection of tiles, you could use this opportunity to invite your customers and others who are interested to come to your in-house trade fair. If you do not currently have a special reason, however, you can always invent one. Simply have a spring festival or an open day!

What do I need to consider when preparing for my event?

Any event should be prepared well so that your guests feel at ease and get a positive impression of your company.

For example, it is important that all of your guests receive a written invitation. So that you do not lose sight of the purpose of the event, you should also set an objective. For example, you can aim to personally make a certain number of new contacts. Of course, you must collect the contact details of all of the visitors who you did not know before - after all, that is the point of the event. A small raffle, for example, is a good way to do this.

How should my employees and I present ourselves?

Most of the visitors will probably already know you and your employees. However, it should also be clear to the other guests as to who they can talk to.

For this reason, all employees should wear uniform clothing and a name badge. Of course, they must also be aware that they present themselves as host and professional adviser.

In addition, it is also a good idea to plan a small programme for your guests. For example, if you have a new device or working method, you could demonstrate these new developments in a short presentation.

What do I need to consider after the event?

The purpose of your event is to connect with customers and acquire new ones. You should always keep this in the back of your mind. If you obtain new contact details during your event, you should make sure that you use these details. This does not necessarily mean that you need to call all of the visitors for acquisition purposes. However, you could at least send your guests a card to thank them for coming. You should send advertising material with this card - and ideally a small gift.

Event checklist

1. What is the reason for the event?
2. Have I sent all of the guests a written invitation?
3. What is my personal objective for the event?
4. How can I get the guests' contact details?
5. How will my guests know who they should talk to?
6. Are my employees prepared for their role?
7. What sort of programme can I offer my guests?
8. How can I use the contact details which I collect at the event?

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Your contact to wedi

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