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Fundo Top Slim-Kit

Fundo Top Slim-Kit

„A practical complete set for the perfect shower“

Product information

The Fundo Top Slim-Kit combines a high-quality Fundo Top mineral surface with a tried and tested Fundo shower element.
The unique combination of the slim shower element and the seamless ready-to-install surface offers a high degree of flexibility during installation – it can be easily cut to required dimensions and can be installed either on top of or flush with the existing substrate including suspended timber floors.
Its main character is the low construction height of the entire system – the combined height of these two elements is only 30 mm. Skirting strips for cladding of the visible edges on step-up shower installations plus accessories for sealing and adhesion are also included in the kit to simplify the installation process.

  • Unique set for the perfect shower
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Can easily be adjusted to the desired size
  • Hygienic and low-maintenance
  • Stylish, safe and versatile
Scope of delivery:
1 × Fundo Slim shower element,
1 × Fundo Top ready-to-install surface,
2 × Fundo Top cladding,
2 – 4 × wedi 610 cartridges,
6 m wedi Tools sealing tape,
2 × wedi Tools inside corners,
1 × Installation aid

Product video: Fundo Top Slim-Kit

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Technical properties Fundo Top Slim-Kit

Material Colour white acrylic resin bonded mineral material
Material thickness 6 mm
Weight Colour white 9,6 kg/m²
Coefficient of thermal expansion 5,6 · 10-6 · K¯¹ (in accordance with DIN 53752)
Bending strength 65 N/mm² (in accordance with DIN EN 310)
Ball indentation hardness 260 N/mm² (in accordance with DIN ISO 2039-1)
Tensile strength 37 MPa (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 527)
Continuous temperature resistance up to 70°C (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13894-1)
Water resistance given
Ability to resist temperature changes passed (-50 °C/+70 °C)
Fire behaviour E (in accordance with EN 13501-1)
Bacterial resistance Resistant to mould and bacterial contamination (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 846 A/C), demonstrable reduction of bacteria on the surface (up to 99,9 % within 24 hours in accordance with JIT Z 2801)
Chemical resistance resistant to normal household chemicals
Scratch resistance given (see care instructions)
Impact resistance given
Cuttability Can be worked with all common tools, such as a hand-held circular saw.
Slip resistance A (in accordance with DIN 51097)
Suitability for use with a wheelchair given
Cleanability easy to clean (see care instructions)
Ease of disposal waste code 170203 construction and demolition waste
Surface quality homogeneous surface
Feel wheat-retaining

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length x width x thickness
072060000 Fundo Top Slim-Kit, square, central drain 900 x 900 x 30 mm
072060002 Fundo Top Slim-Kit, square, central drain 1.200 × 1.200 × 30 mm
072060001 Fundo Top Slim-Kit, rectangular, offset drain 1.200 × 900 × 30 mm
072060003 Fundo Top Slim-Kit, rectangular, offset drain 1.400 × 900 × 30 mm
072060004 Fundo Top Slim-Kit, rectangular, offset drain 1.600 × 1.000 × 30 mm
072060005 Fundo Top Slim-Kit, rectangular, offset drain 1.800 × 900 × 30 mm

Areas of use Fundo Top Slim-Kit

  • In domestic residential construction
  • In publicly accessible buildings and workplaces complying with;
    DIN 18040 Part 1
  • In accessible dwellings complying with DIN 18040 part 2 (note specifications for minimum tile size if wheelchair access is planned, see technical properties)
  • As a construction seal combined with tile and natural stone coverings of load class A0, A and B (floors subject to moderate surface flowing water in interior areas;
    directly loaded floors in rooms in which tap or cleaning water is used very frequently or for long periods, and floors of indoor and outdoor pools that are filled with water with the properties of drinking water).

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