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Assurance in the wedi system - Transparency in the event of an insurance claim

wedi guarantees product quality above and beyond the statutory warranty

Without a secure sealing system in wet areas, moisture is able to penetrate into the substrate and subsequently damage the underlying structure. In the event of an insurance claim, it is frequently necessary for an expert to clarify whether the tiler, fitter or manufacturer is required to pay for the damage and possible subsequent repairs – and it is usually impossible to clarify the liability down to the last detail. Systems provider wedi guarantees that its system components are one hundred percent watertight for up to 20 years – giving installers and building owners a considerable assurance thus eliminating any uncertainty regarding the issue of responsibility.

Warranty and guarantee

The “warranty”, or “liability for defects” is taken to mean the statutory regulation to which a customer is able to refer if the product bought has defects or does not function properly. As a rule, a vendor is legally liable for all defects that already existed at the time of sale and therefore differ from the state of the product, as specified in the purchase contract.

In contrast to the warranty, a “guarantee” is a voluntary supplementation on the provider’s part and is therefore separate from any statutory regulation. The time of cover for any voluntary guarantee is always up to the manufacturer to determine. If a manufacturer provides a guarantee, however, they are legally obliged to comply with it and to rectify any functional defect that arises during the time of cover at no cost.

Unrivalled peace of mind for planners, installers and end-users alike

With its system guarantee, wedi is aligned to the requirements of sealing systems in wet rooms. Regulations concerning sealing systems are based on the requirements of construction law, the information sheet of the ZDB (Central Association of the German Construction Industry e.V.) and other country-specific requirements and legislation. Both the design engineer and the construction company are responsible for their construction project complying with such requirements.

For wedi, the system concept plays a vital role. The individual components of the system interlock with each other on an optimum basis, which provides assurance as well as clarity and transparency in the event of an insurance claim as everything is from a single source. Very often, the collaboration between different maintenance groups in bathroom and sanitary areas leads to uncertainty regarding liability in case of defect. To prevent this from occurring, wedi has formulated its guarantee promise clearly - on the basis of the system concept, the family business from Emsdetten guarantees assurance for its product range for design and sealing purposes in wet rooms. This means that wedi is able to guarantee the quality, and thus also the functionality of wedi products if the construction work has been carried out in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

10-year guarantee on all wedi products

Since 2016, wedi has been offering a 10-year guarantee on all products that are listed in the wedi price list. An entitlement to the guarantee is based on the respective product characteristics. If just one defect occurs to any item which is purchased after 1 January 2016 and was included in the price list, wedi’s guarantee service provides for a free product replacement and also includes the reimbursement of documented, necessary expenses such as repair costs. Further condition of the guarantee is that the products must be fitted according to installation instructions provided by wedi.

The wedi W.I.P. programme, with an extended guarantee service

In addition to this guarantee from wedi which is provided to all buyers, customers can also acquire an additional guarantee. As part of a W.I.P. partnership, the guarantee is extended to 15 or 20 years. This guarantee applies to specialist businesses which have completed the required training for recognition by wedi as an authorised, qualified and certified business. For its innovation partners, wedi provides a 15-year guarantee on a wedi shower or a 20-year guarantee on a complete wedi bathroom that continues to remain valid for the building owner after a possible withdrawal of the construction company due to its insolvency.

In addition to the extended guarantee service, the W.I.P. programme also includes a comprehensive and fully supportive concept to the qualified partner. Businesses which are certified and trained by wedi are awarded a corresponding quality seal, which offers advantages with the acquisition of orders. The description as a certified specialist business is ensured through a continuous, extended qualification within the scope of subsequent training, proven by certificates and the quality seal. Certified businesses are also supported with their marketing and advertising besides being listed as official W.I.P. partners on the wedi homepage. Technical support by wedi is also included, through the right to have a wedi technician on site or the advice of wedi specialists, for example.

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