Fundo Riolito installation

Installing wedi Fundo Riolito neo Modular Linear Drain onto wooden or concrete floors

Floor-level shower systems

wedi's Fundo Riolito neo System feature the only fully sealed and factory integrated waterproof drain assembly available in the market of customizable shower floor systems with linear drainage.

They are available in two design options. The first option includes models featuring a one-piece shower base including the drain trench. These provide 1-way or 4-way slopes. The second option, Riolito neo Modular is designed to offer more flexibility as it consists of two basic elements: one module including the line module which is a trench drain, the other being a sloped extension panel. Drainage can be installed close to the wall or two extension models leading away from either side of an i.e. centered drain. The line modules may also be used with mortar bed shower applications (to be topically waterproofed using wedi Subliner Dry, connecting to the Riolito neo line module).

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