Electric floor warming gsystem

Installation of Electric Floor Warming Systems

The wedi Building Panels save time and money while conserving energy when used in conjunction with any common electric floor heating system. The extruded polystyrene foam core construction makes the system 100% waterproof and the perfect heat insulator and thermal barrier. wedi Building Panels are equipped with a cement resin surface that is reinforced with a fiberglass mesh and provides an ideal bond to any common tile adhesive or selfleveling product which may be needed to integrate an electric cable or mat system.

wedi system components

Note on electric floor warming systems

Electric floor heating systems can be installed as per manufacturer’s instructions onto already installed wedi product system or underlayment surfaces and reinforced elements (e.g. wedi Building Panels, Fundo floor elements, Sanoasa benches, Sanoasa loungers). Here only products approved for such individual application and areas such as i.e. wet rooms should be used.

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