wedi GmbH

Corporate Office

wedi Corporate Office Contact List

Corporate and Administrative Office      
VP Sales & Marketing/ Technical Support Services/ General Management Bastian Lohmann -102
Office Manager Natalia Vazquez

Human Resources Manager Janine Szerszen -119
Customer Service / Inside Sales      
Senior Customer Service Manager Chrissy Witter -105
Customer Service Representative
(East/House Accounts)
David Aguirre -107
Customer Service Representative (West & Canada) Araceli Garcia -109
Marketing Manager Ashley Heins -113
Digital Marketing Coordinator Amber Johnson   
Finances and Accounting Manager Doreen Credo -104
Accountant Evelyn Allam -103
Financial Analyst Kristine Ryne -108
Warehouse and Operations      
VP Production & Supply Chain/ General Management Sebastian Wedig -101
Plant Manager Felipe Lopez  
Supply Chain Manager (Batavia/CA) Katharina Williams -111
Purchaser (Batavia, IL) Carol Weiner -118
Administrative Assistant (Production/Purchasing)      
Production Manager (Batavia, IL) Piotr Iwanicki -120
Warehouse Manager (Batavia, IL) Taff Mace -114
Logistics Coordinator (Batavia, IL) Raquel Pinson

Warehouse Lead (Batavia, IL)     -121
Receiving Coordinator (Batavia, IL) Jorge Puga

Q.A. Manager (Batavia, IL)     -112
Warehouse Manager (Sacramento, CA) Daniel Mills -123
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