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wedi sealant 620

wedi sealant 620


"Glue and apply 100% seal at the same time.“

Product information

wedi sealant 620 is a single-component, ready-to-use, polymer sealant. It is used as a sealant and system component with wedi’s Vapor 85 building panels in steam room installations, where the product seals seams and penetrations- in combination with wedi Subliner Dry sealing tape.

It is also used with wedi Subliner Dry waterproof sheet membrane systems, where the product seals in and between overlapping sheets and where these terminate.

wedi sealant 620 is waterproof and reacts to form an elastic adhesive specially formulated to work in the presence of humidity. It is vapor retarding and made for use in steam room applications. The product is free of solvents, silicon and PCBs and has low shrinkage.

Technical properties

Basic raw material silane-modified-polymer (SMP)
Colour grey
Hardening system through air humidity
Density ca. 1,45 g/ml
Solvent content 0 %
Isocyanate content 0 %
Drying agent content approx. 100 %.
Elongation at break approx. 250 %
Skin formation after approx. 15 minutes
Through-hardening (+23 °C / 50% RH) approx. 3 mm per 24 hours
Permissible total movement approx. 20 %
Processing temperature do not use below +5 °C
Temperature resistance -40 °C to +100 °C
up to 180°C for a short time (max. 30 minutes)
Frost stability not frost-sensitive
Approx. 1,5 kg/m² per mm of thickness  
Approx. 70 ml/metre for bonding sealing membranes with a 6 cm overlap  
Approx. 140 ml/metre for bonding sealing tapes with a width of 12 cm  
Approx. 115 ml/metre for bonding sealing tapes with a width of 10 cm  
Store in a cool, dry place between +10 °C and +35 °C.  
See packaging label for shelf life (approx. 9 months unopened in the original container).  

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Content
US5000088 wedi sealant 620 1 cartridge (10.5 oz. (310 ml))
US5000083 wedi sealant 620 1 sausage (20 oz. (600 ml))

Applications of wedi 620 sealant

wedi sealant 620 is used for the waterproof and vaporproof adhesion of wedi Subliner Dry, wedi sealing tapes, sealing corners, sealing gaiters, sealing membranes within the wedi Subliner Dry sheet membrane system, or where wedi sealing tape is used over wedi Vapor 85 building panel seams and fastener penetrations.   

Surface requirements:
The adhesive surfaces/ wedi product surfaces must be dry and free of grease and dust. Any contaminants such as separating agents, preservatives, grease, oil, dust, water, old adhesives/sealants and any other materials that could impair adhesion must be removed.


wedi sealant 620 should be applied to the bonding surface with no air bubbles/enclosures and with good full adhesion area surface coverage (thickness max. 1/8 in. / 3 mm). For surface bonding, wedi sealant 620 should be thinly spread on the surface with a fine grooved spatula or similar. The sealant is applied to the surface approx. ½ inch mm beyond the border areas of the sealing tape or area that would overlap with a Subliner Dry or sealing tape.

Sealing tape corners, sealing tapes or Subliner Dry overlapping sheets are inserted into the fresh adhesive layer and pressed on (e.g. with a trowel or pressure roller) so that the sealant is pushed out of the sides. The excess material is smoothly removed with a smoothing trowel or putty knife.

Folds and distortions should be smoothed out and pressed flat. Once the wedi sealant 620 has cured, tiling can begin. The cure time will be extended by the water/vapor proof enclosure of the sealant beneath a wedi sealing tape or Subliner Dry sheet. Higher temperature and higher humidity on the installation site speed up the curing process ( reverse conditions slow the curing process). Initial curing may take 24-48 hours. The sealant should be fully cured and ready for water and vapor exposure through the application after 96 hours. 

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