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Fundo Shower Kit - Ligno

Fundo Shower Kit - Ligno


"A Full Shower System in a Box"

Product information

All products needed to build a wedi walk-in point drain shower are included and provide a single manufacturer warranty. Safe transportation in one box, easy estimating of product quantities needed.

To address all challenges for tile professionals, wedi engineered Fundo Ligno, a sloped shower base ¾” thin at its perimeter and available in various sizes. Fundo Ligno can be field modified. The installation within a ¾” plywood structure requires no cutting into joists. Load-bearing plywood is simply ­re-installed between floor joists and over wedi’s recess kit bracket system. This guarantees a full support and protection of the tiled surface. The wedi typical strong cement based, reinforced surface is pre-sloped, directly tileable with large or small format tile.

The Fundo Ligno interlocks with wedi Building Panel used as waterproof backer board on walls as well as on the surrounding floor. Optionally, wedi‘s Subliner Dry Sheet Waterproofing membrane can be used. Both options offer a complete and professional system installation. Patented US 10 455 991 B2.

  • Safe transport in a box
  • Perfectly matched
  • Complete peace of mind for installers and end users

Content of wedi Shower Kit - Ligno:
- Fundo Ligno Shower Base (1)
- wedi 36 in. OR 48 in. x 60 in. x 1/2 in. Building Panels (5-6)
- wedi Fundo Kit Drain Standard (1)
- wedi Joint Sealant (8 10.5 oz tubes)
- wedi Sealant 620 (2 10.5 oz tubes)
- wedi Fastener Kit (1 screws/washers 100ct) (1)
- wedi Corner Putty Knife (1)
- wedi Mixing Valve Flexi Collar (1)
- wedi Flexi Collar (1)
- wedi Subliner Dry Mat (1) (1)
- wedi Subliner Dry Sealing Tape Outside Corner (2)

Technical properties - Fundo Shower Kit - Ligno

Fundo Ligno Shower Base Material XPS/ Extruded Polystyrene Foam Core covered with fiberglass mesh fully embedded in a cement based resin coating
Thermal Conductivity (75°F (25°C) - ASTM C518) 0.23 Bbtu in/hr F
Tensile Strength (ASTM C297) 65 PSI
Shear Strength (Under conditions required in ANSI A118.10-1999) 28 day Shear Strength: 95 psi
84 day Shear Strength: 100 psi
100 day Shear Strength: 98 psi
Waterproofness; ASTM D4068 / ANSI A118.10-1999 Passed
Capillarity 0
R-Value 75°F (25°) - ASTM C518
4.3hr ft. 2 F/Btu/in (R Value for 1” wedi = 4.3)
Flexural Strength (ASTM C947) 627 psi
Robinson Floor Test (ASTM C627) Heavy duty commercial use, passed
Fastener Pull Through (ASTM C473) Wet 131.8 lb./Dry 196.2 lb.
Temperature Limits -58 / +175° F
Freeze & Thaw (ASTM C666 - 25 Cycles) No disintegration/change
Waterproofness of Assembly (ASTM E331) Passed, wedi Fundo Kit assembly (complete sytsem)
Fungus / Bacteria Resistance (ASTM G21) Passed, No Growth
Accelerated Aging (AC 71 - 25 Cycles) No disintegration
UL 1715 (Fire Test of interior Finish Material) Passed, flame spread <10
Linear Variation (ASTM D 1037 (ICC –EG 159)) Passed, less than 0.07%
Surface Burning Characteristics (ASTM E84-16) Classification A:
Flame Spread Index (FSI): 20
Smoke Developed Index (SDI): 70
Floor and Trench Drain Compliance (ASME A112.18.2) Passed, Compliant (ICC PMG 1189)

Product sizes

Order no. Designation External Dimensions:
L x W x H,
US2000060 Fundo Shower Kit - Ligno 36 in. x 60 in. 36 in. x 60 in.
US2000061 Fundo Shower Kit - Ligno 48 in. x 60 in. 48 in. x 60 in.

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Area of use Fundo Shower Kit - Ligno

  • New Construction of Residential/Commercial use buildings
  • Renovation in Residential/Commercial use buildings
  • For barrier free, ADA compliant or curbed installations
  • For customized or standard tiled showers
  • Over wooden or concrete substructures

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