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Vertical drain for Fundo Riolito neo (Linear drainage)

Vertical drain for Fundo Riolito neo (Linear drainage)

„Fundo drains.“

Product information

wedi offers the compatible and systemised drain technology for the flush-to-floor shower elements. Because of the low installation height and water-tight security design concept, these systems are well excellently suited for use in new builds and renovations. There is a variety of different versions for vertical designs available:

  • Design variations:
    - vertical in DN 50

  • Only the wedi drainage system for Fundo can be used for all Fundo floor elements.
The drains can be combined with the following Fundo series:
  • Fundo Riolito neo

All advantages at a single glance

Technical properties – Drain

The channel covers are available in three models: standard, deluxe and tileable.

The Fundo Riolito neo is available
with channels in the following lengths/widths

300 mm/40 mm
700 mm/40 mm
800 mm/40 mm
900 mm/40 mm
1100 mm/40 mm
Drain performance depending on the drain selected:
Fundo Riolito neo drain, vertical, DN 50
1,1 l/s;
66,0 l/min

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Fundo vertical drain

Vertical drain for Fundo Riolito neo (Linear drainage)

Impressions of vertical drain for linear drainage

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