Installation Accessories – wedi Joint Sealant, wedi Sealant 620 and Subliner Dry Applications

Can I use wedi 620 in a standard shower installation if I don’t have standard joint sealant?

No, the wedi 620 is by itself not a sufficiently strong construction adhesive to be allowed in assemblies to be adhered and reinforced. When used with wedi sealing tapes or Subliner Dry sheet membranes, it provides sufficiently strong adhesion and reinforcement performance.

Can I install the base using sealant?

We do not recommend it. Full surface applied thinset tile adhesives are working better in most cases. They provide a thicker and more evenly curing setting bed in this application under very large bases in some cases, and they may correct slight unevenness of a subfloor.

Does subliner dry really need to go up 12” on the walls when using wedi panel on the walls into say a mud bed?

Yes, the wedi Subliner Dry practically acts as the primary waterproofing in such an applications. Building codes require waterproofing to be installed for a few inches above a threshold or curb. Most curbs are 4-5 inches tall, plus additional inches as per building codes. To keep the installation compliant with building codes in all cases, our recommendation sets the minimum at 12 inches.

What sizes of trowels can I use with subliner dry?

This depends on the substrate. Most will require a minimum 3/16  in. x 3/16 in. or up to a ¼ in. x ¼ in. square trowel for even and sufficient thinset beds with Subliner Dry. The minimum thinset bed/ trowel thickness is needed so you are able to fully work the fleece membrane surface into the thinset and so that the thinset can get a firm and consistent hold of the fleece.

Can I use subliner dry with non wedi bonding flange drains?

Yes, this is certainly possible. wedi sealant 620 bonds and seals safely to stainless steel, steel, PVC, CPVC, ABS. These surfaces should be clean and be free of contaminants, oils, grease.

Which side of wedi subliner dry faces up?

The printed side

Can I install wedi subliner dry over drywall?

Yes, the drywall should be primed to allow for a safe bond to thinset mortars

How much should I overlap subliner dry on subliner dry?

By 2 inches

Can I install uncoupling membranes over wedi board and bases? Also can I install uncoupling membranes over wedi bases with heat?

It is not recommended in wet areas. Here is why: These products are not waterproof at the seams where sheets connect. They are filled with and contain a lot of thinset mortar. This means they will be capable of absorbing and keeping much water when used in a wet area, such as a shower. Some of this water may escape at the bottom seams, and get trapped between these products, and wedi product surfaces. The installation will be constantly wet, and rarely dry out, This can lead to dark and discolored grout and tile, potentially efflorescence or organic matter getting trapped in the thinset and membranes and grow mold.

Can I use sealant to install subliner dry over uncoupling heat type heat mat?

wedi Subliner Dry may must be installed in a full surface bed of thinset mortar. It can also not seal to a thinset filled uncoupling membrane using wedi 620 sealant.

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