Miscellaneous/General Installation Questions

Can I use tabless washers on wedi building panel that is not vapor 85?


Can I wet shim?

Wet-shimming with non-approved adhesive materials, incl. thinset tile adhesives, is not safe. The safe adhesion of these materials to framing studs in a vertical application, incl. exposure to its specific movement exposure, is not predictable over time. The internal integrity of these materials in this application is also not predictably safe over time. These materials were not developed for such purpose, and there is also no general testing or performance standards or requirements available. The combination of all these concerns requires us to deem this application as not safe.

What is the spacing for screws on floors?

Every 12 in. in either direction. Apply wedi fasteners in the seams between panels first, to align building panel edges for a smoother tile surface.

Is there a size limitation for tile over building panel on a subfloor? Is it different for tile over building panel just outside of a curbless shower, essentially in a wet area?

Yes, please contact us for all projects where tile smaller 2x2 in. square or larger 12x12 in. square is installed. Please contact us if specific requirements for performance exist in commercial settings or those requiring very high point load capability. Specific setting materials, setting techniques, or certain tile or stone material choices may be required.

How do I install a tub over a wedi base?

This is not recommended. Any (however sealed) installation of drainage and water supplies through a sloped shower floor is not deemed safe.

Can I install a tub in a shower area over building panel?

Yes, over a pedestal installed from wedi Building Panel , inside a shower space where the pedestal is not required to be sloped for water drainage, and where no drainage and water supply pipes penetrate the shower base where exposed to surface water.

Can I build a tub out of wedi?

It is not recommended. Tubs require a drain, incl. a safety overflow drain mechanism. It is difficult to find fitting hardware that can be safely integrated into a wedi tub. A tub also requires slope on the tub floor surface. wedi manufactures such fully functional tubs to specific custom designs, in the wedi factory, safely.

How do I build a snail shower?

The snail design can be framed out and then covered with wedi building panels ½ in. thick , cut halfway through every 1 in., so the panels can be installed in a curved application. Cuts need to face the interior of the shower. We recommend the surface be covered with wedi Subliner Dry for additional waterproofing, in case any cuts in the building panel broke all the way through the panel.   The shower designs can also be built from 2 in. wedi panels, cut or sliced in the same manner. The sliced side should be covered with Subliner Dry sheet membrane, once these panels are resting in the shape they will later have to assume. The Subliner Dry membrane will not only ensure waterproof performance despite the cuts  in the building panels, but will also ensure the new shape of the panel will be permanent and is reinforced. It will be necessary; to build template forms from plywood or similar materials, to hold the now shaped panels while the thinset dries between panel and membrane. The panels can then be notched at their sides where they would connect to adjacent panels, using wedi joint sealant. They may be installed to a wedi floor shower base featuring a 2 in. wide perimeter channel cut out in a shape following the snail / spiral design.

Can I use wedi over an expansion or controlled Joint?

Given the variety of expansion. control or acoustic joint types used, no general response can be given. However, wedi Building Panel or Subliner Dry sheet membranes, when installed over substrates that feature these types of joints will neither interfere nor improve these joint function. The joints are commonly required to be extended through to the tile surface, which would require them to go through a wedi installation as well. The design professional should specify such intent, and be made aware of the benefits and risks alike ( e.g. waterproofing weakness in such joints vs. added crack protection of tile surface)

When do I need expansion joints in the tile assembly over wedi?

These are required, regardless of the surface preparation materials use incl. wedi product,  as per TCNA detail EJ171

Can I cut joists to level floors?

No, this is not safe, nor is it recommended

How do I build a raised platform shower out of wedi?

This can be done using wedi’s Easy Box platform, or a frame structure built of wedi 2 in. building panel, with supports spaced at 6 in. (centered).

Best way to seal around shower valve when wedi valve collar doesn’t fit?

The prefabricated valve can be cut in halves and bent to accommodate larger valves. Their main function is to divert water draining through the thinset mortar, around the shower valve opening in the wall paneling.

How do I finish a steam pipe to the inside edge of wedi vapor 85?

The steam pipe must be insulated including where it goes through wall paneling. The finishing and seal of the insulated inside of the pipe is done with wedi 620 sealant and Subliner Dry membrane or sealing tape.

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