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Can I make my own wedi niche? What’s the best way to make a niche out of wedi panel?

It is possible to build and seal a niche design into a wood framed niche construction built into the wall cavity, using ½ in. wedi building panel glued against the framing (and a plywood back, not the drywall panel attached to the exterior side of the framing towards another room) and sealed between parts, using wedi joint sealant no fasteners should be used here.  To build a pre-assembled niche on site, and before inserting it into the framed wall in one piece, is not efficient and not recommended. It will take time and detail work sealing and gluing many small parts if basic tools are available, all the while keeping the assembly parts in shape and under compression for the sealant to cure.

Can I install a wedi niche on an exterior wall?

This can be done, but only if it does not interfere with the minimum required insulation existing in this wall.

Why aren’t wedi niches pitched inside?

The niches, when in operation, cannot hold enough water for a pitch on the bottom of the niche to make a difference. Tiling over a squared niche is easier and becomes the more important factor in this case.

Why is there no mesh on a wedi full foam curb?

The mesh is added only to Building panels and shower bases, and some other products, because these might require a minimum flexural strength (e.g. when installed over framed walls with partial absence of full support substrates).

Can I add onto the wedi lean curb? If so, how?

Yes, all wedi curbs can be modified in length, width, height- if done safely, the curb’s top slope should not be interfered with, and the structural integrity of the curb must be ensured. Adding to a wedi solid foam curb, lean or standard design is done by applying wedi joint sealant over the entire adhesion surface between two matching curb parts. These parts are now adhered and kept under compression for at least 30 minutes. More wedi joint sealant is applied over the connection seam and spread flat at least covering 1 in. both sides of the seam.

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