wedi Shower Bases

When doing curbless showers, do I need to use subliner dry over washers located closer to the base than 36 in.?

Yes, at minimum all floor surfaces within a space of 36 in. to the shower base shall be waterproof (incl. fastener points). The 36 in. requirement addresses only the protection needs of a floor against water spreading inside the thinset mortar bed below a tile assembly.  If the shower design allows water to splash outside the shower, the waterproofing may need to be extended.

How do I add a curb to a primo in a recessed slab?

A prefabricated wedi curb can only be installed over a pre-sloped wedi base, if the sloped surface of the base is leveled, first. The wedi curb is then applied with thinset mortar. Its prefabricated notch is filled with a strip of wedi building panel glued into the notch with wedi joint sealant. The installation is the covered with wedi Subliner Dry sheet membrane and wedi 620 sealant, with wedi Subliner Dry reaching 4 in. into the base, 4 in. up on adjacent walls, covering the curb in its entirety incl. the vertical curb side outside the shower space.

What ways can I cut the base?

The bases can be cut to any design or shape, as long as the following is considered:

  • No cuts must interfere with drain installations (with Fundo Primo and Ligno, this means no cuts should be made that would interfere with the stainless steel reinforcement parts of the drain , located on the underside of these bases. With Fundo Riolito and Riolito Modular, no cuts should interfere with the drain area segment and its seams, visible from the underside of these bases)
  • All cuts should leave enough base surface and material thickness to allow for the placement of a new channel notch at the base perimeter. These notches must always be ½ in. wide, and at minimum ¼ in. deep with a minimum ¼ in. remaining thickness of base for the bottom of the channel.  
  • All cuts may change the installation height of the base’s edge where cut
  • All cuts may change the slope design and may require modified tile cuts and installation design (consider wedi base slope lines between sloped fields).

What comes in a kit?

They include a shower base, drain and drain cover, a sufficient number of building panels for three walls surrounding the shower at 80 in. wall height, sufficient quantities of wedi joint sealant and fasteners, sealing tapes and gaskets for the shower valve and head, a wedi lean design curb. wedi Fundo Ligno kits do not include a curb, but instead sufficient quantity of Subliner Dry and wedi 620 sealant.

What’s the best way to recess a single-slope Riolito shower base?

There is from a practical and construction design viewpoint, naturally no ideal way to recess a single slope shower base, having its high point at the side opposite of the drain, and its lowest point at the drain side, into an evenly deep recess. It can be done, but a rather small and irregular shaped wedi Building Panel will have to cover the vertical side of the step from bathroom floor into the shower base (fully backed by framing if possible), where it seals into the shower base. The connection to base, to bathroom floor waterproofing, and over the small building panel strip, must be heavily sealed and reinforced. The tiling over this step down area will remain a delicate and challenging task.

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