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wedi PRO Certification Workshops 2021 Sign-Up

Expand upon your fundamental knowledge of the wedi Shower System by joining one of our PRO Certified Installer courses. In this one and a half day training seminar*, you will learn the full scope of applications possible with wedi products and the complete wedi Shower System. 

You can see the agenda below of what we will cover. You should be wedi experienced or Certified already to get the maximum benefit out of the PRO Certified Installer course. Seating will be limited for each event and we'll be sure to continue to follow all appropriate safety procedures as outlined by the CDC or required by State law. To sign-up for the PRO course, select a date in the calendar below. The training dates start in September and you can see what city/state it will be hosted in. After you have selected your event in the calendar, follow the link included to register. We will then be in touch within a few business days to confirm your attendance!

Upon completion of the wedi PRO Certification program, you will qualify for the wedi PRO Warranty extension, which may expand the warranty period to 15 or 20-years on qualifying wedi projects!** We look forward to seeing you all in the classroom soon!

Agenda wedi PRO Certification Class

Day 1:

07.30 AM- 08.00 AM     Registration open/ Breakfast

08.00 AM- 08.30 AM     Welcome and Organizational/ Introduction

08.30 AM – 09.30 AM   Learning Unit 1:

Introduction wedi Shower System, technical performance of components and interaction in product system

  • What makes a good tile backer/ substrate product
  • What makes a good shower installation system
  • Technical Performance criteria explained in the actual application

09.30 AM- 10.30 AM     Learning Unit 2:

wedi Installation Requirements/ Limitations for Fundo Primo, Ligno, Riolito

  • Subfloor
  • Setting Materials
  • Tile/Surface Coverings

10.30 AM- 10.45 AM     Break

10.45 AM – 12:00 PM    wedi Fundo Primo Installation:

  • Checking the manual
  • Subfloor and Framing preparation
  • Layouts & Considerations before choosing, cutting or extending product
  • Cutting Shower Bases, Cutting Curbs; Cutting Building Panels; Preparing Channels – Dry Fit
  • Difficult system connection areas (corners, angles, transitions)
  • Reinforcing and Waterproofing  component/system seams
  • Building suspended corner seat using scrap building panel material/ free standing wall and shelf
  • Installing  Extensions

12.00 PM- 12.30 PM      Lunch

12.30 PM – 02.00 PM     wedi Fundo Primo Installation (completion)

02.00 PM- 02.15 PM      Break

02.15 PM- 04.00 PM      wedi Fundo Riolito Installation/ Linear Drains

  • Incl. Bench installation

04.00PM- 04.15 PM       Break

04.15 PM- 05.00 PM      Q/A Review /Flood Test/After Installation discussion

Day 2:

08.00 AM- 08.30 AM     Review Fundo Primo Installation- water test/ seats

08.30 AM – 09.30 AM   Steam Showers / Wellness presentation

09.30 AM – 10.30 AM   wedi Fundo Ligno Installation/ Barrier–Free Showers

  • Incl. Vapor 85/Subliner Dry installation
  • Incl. Recess Kit installation

10.30 AM- 10.45 AM     Break

10.45 AM- 12.30 PM     wedi Fundo Ligno (completion)

12.30 PM- 01.00 PM      Lunch Break

01.00 PM- 02.15 PM      How to avoid claims and how to use warranties to increase profitability / warranty comparison / Register Warranty

02.15-02:45 PM             Questions: Q/A – Review / Survey & Benchmarking

02:45PM – 03:00PM       Group Photo / Thanks / Raffle and Giveaways

The wedi PRO Certification Program will cover breakfasts, lunches and dinners during the event. Travel expenses and arrangements are excluded and are the responsibility of the attendee. Please contact us if you need assistance with lodging or other travel related items or questions.
**Other qualifying conditions apply, see the wedi PRO Warranty statement on www.wedicorp.com for full details.
***Event venues and locales may operate under Covid-19 policies requiring adherence from attendees and wedi personnel. We’ll inform you as early as we may learn about such policies.

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