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Expansion in North America

wedi plans substantial investment and further business expan

  • Shower systems play a key role in wedi’s business development plans for North American, one of the main growth markets for the wedi Group.
  • The wedi Group decided to invest several million US dollars during 2017 and 2018 into state of the art production facilities for shower system components in the State of Illinois
  • The investment creates a substantial number of new jobs at wedi near Chicago and the start of the domestic production is estimated for the end of 2017.
  • wedi management continues on its path to implement their defined growth and internationalisation strategy which includes this investment in wedi quality products proudly made in the USA.

Within the course of its growth and internationalisation strategy, the wedi Group continues to build out its commitment in North America.

The wedi Group has already been active in the North American market with its own distribution and logistics, and marketing of products and services for several years. The business is developing with very successful consistency and it is centred around the key market, the United States of America. From next year, there will now also be the substantial investment in local production.

The wedi company management has decided to establish additional production of tile backer building boards in the state of Illinois.

“North America is and remains one of the key growth markets for wedi. Over the last few years, we have already achieved a lot there. We are now starting the next phase of the wedi business development in the North-America: the local production of building boards, which is aimed at significantly increasing our local competitiveness in the market place and the securing of a most dependable supply chain safety for our customers in the North American market,” says Stephan Wedi, Managing Partner of the wedi Group. The plans for North- America are one component of an ambitious investment programme supporting future continued business growth and success in Europe and North America.

The company will invest several millions of US dollars in the production of wedi building boards in the coming years and will thus create additional jobs.

A main component of the wedi shower system, the wedi building baord plays a key role in wedi’s commitment to North America as a market and, now as a site for a production plant. The production of building boards is estimated to begin at the end of 2017 in the greater Chicago area. The production capacity is designed to cover the demand in the North-American regions in the coming years. “With this investment and the clear commitment to the Chicago site, we confirm our commitment to the North- American market and to our local workforce currently working for wedi Corporation at the Chicago site,” stresses Fabian Rechlin, Managing Director of the wedi Group.

The wedi Corporation, under the leadership of Bastian Lohmann, in Carol Stream near Chicago in the state of Illinois, is responsible for the North -American business.

About wedi

wedi GmbH, based in Emsdetten, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of construction products designed for tiled wet room and shower systems, including tileable, watertight tile backer building boards and prefabricated shower systems in Europe and North- America. With innovative system solutions and guaranteed system reliability, wedi today offers globally sustainable complete solutions for wet rooms. The family company, founded in 1983 by Helmut Wedi, today employs around 400 members of staff and is active in more than 30 countries

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Dezember 2016


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