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wedi delivers custom-made luxury production for Chinese hotel

Individual room design at the Hotel Wynn Macau - Impressive pool suite using wedi elements

The wet room systems provider wedi of Emsdetten is also a specialist in custom-made solutions for wet areas. The considerable flexibility of the extruded rigid polystyrene foam allows for completely individual designs to be created according to the customer’s requirements. The owners of a hotel complex in Macau, China have drawn on this expertise. Two exclusive pool suites were created with the use of wedi elements at the 5-star hotel. The elements ensure reliable and sustainable moisture protection of the substrate whilst excite with their visual impression.

Impressive room design

For the interior pool suite of the Hotel Wynn Macau, wedi manufactured custom-made elements using extruded rigid polystyrene foam. The steps were designed to feature an elaborate, especially heavy set of handrails on each side. In order to hold this weight, both sides of the steps were equipped with reinforcements in the factory, and the handrails were also secured to the floor on site to ensure complete stability and safety. The pool suites themselves were not standard models either, but manufactured according to the requirements of the hotel. This required precision milling of the elements to enable quick and easy integration of technology systems on site during the installation of wedi elements.

High degree of prefabrication

The high degree of prefabrication of the individual elements was especially important for the owners of the hotel to allow the time required for the installation to be reduced to the minimum. The prefabricated modules only needed to be connected, attached and sealed in a plug-and-play manner, thus sources of error were reduced and the functionality of the system was ensured.

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