Partition walls
Partition walls
Partition walls

Partition walls

Practical screening walls.

wedi is always at the cutting edge of innovation and is a specialist in providing simple yet versatile wall solutions for design led areas where every detail counts; from a classic shower partition to creative room dividers, the only limit is the imagination. Thanks to their main characteristics such as 100% watertightness, thermal insulation, mould and fungus protection and lightweight construction, in comparison to conventional wall structures they offer:

  • fewer work steps (bond & seal in one step)
  • less material to carry (from only 14kg)
  • shorter installation time (from 30mins)

wedi’s standard product range offers different partitioning solutions in 50/60/80/100 mm thicknesses and 600/900/1200 mm widths including wall elements with integrated, customisable niches. These solutions can be used to:

  • create up to 1.2 m long partitions when attached on 2 sides (wall & floor)
  • build partitions in limitless lengths when attached on 3 sides (wall, floor & a solid cementitious ceiling structure

Calculation of the exact wall height before installation is not necessary as the final height of the partitions can be shortened during tiling! What’s more, thanks to the excellent weight load-capability (133kg/m2) of wedi boards, doors with a total weight of up to 55 kg can be mounted on the open end of any wedi wall solution and radiators with a total weight of up to 80 kg can also be installed quickly and safely with the aid of the wedi fixings set/reinforcement plates.

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