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Sustainable wellness oasis with system technology from wedi

Quick-to-install, durable and safe solutions for designing high-quality wellness facilities – a specialty of wedi, one of the leading system providers of directlytileable, waterproof shower and bathroom systems.  It is precisely why wedi was chosen as the manufacturer of the new wellness area at the Mosel Village Resort in Ellenz-Poltersdorf. During planning and implementation, special attention was paid to sustainability and first-class quality – in keeping with the overall orientation of the resort, which was designed according to the latest standards of energy supply and sustainability. In close cooperation with the wellness construction expert and long-term wedi partner Wolfgang Peters from Bochum, the wishes of the owners were realized within a very short time. Thanks to the extremely high degree of prefabrication of wedi products, the project was completed particularly quickly: the new exclusive spa area of the Mosel Village Resort, comprising a steam room, shower area, snow cabin and heated bench with integrated technology was built in just 2 weeks.

The owner and operator Svetlana Zwyer and her partner Helmut Dehren transformed the former Freimuth winery in Ellenz-Poltersdorf into a true oasis of relaxation. Guests of the Mosel Village Resort can expect a unique stay that focuses on peace, relaxation and indulgence. In addition to luxuriously equipped apartments and the hotel's restaurant with vineyard, the new spa area forms the heart of the resort: various saunas, an indoor pool with outdoor area, inviting relaxation rooms and a sun terrace with a wonderful panoramic view of the Mosel valley leaves nothing to wish for. The absolute highlight of the spa facility is the snow cabin, in which sauna guests can enjoy the refreshing icy feel of real snow all year around. The unique cabin - as well as the steam bath, the heated bench in the relaxation room and the new shower area- was realized with system solutions from wedi. After four weeks of planning, wellness construction specialist and master tiler Wolfgang Peters started the construction phase in mid-March 2023 in close collaboration with wedi's trading partner Hieronimi, headquartered in Faid. "The technical requirements for the project were extremely diverse and demanding" - recalls Mr Peters. - "Thanks to the careful preliminary planning and intensive coordination between all project participants, despite some challenges, we were still able to complete the constrcution within the planned time."

Steam bath: the essential feature of any wellness oasis

Steam detoxifies the skin, revitalizes the senses and promotes stress relief – therefore, a steam room was a must in the newly designed spa area of the Mosel Village Resort. The owners had precise ideas for the structural implementation: the steam room was to be provided with a gable roof including an individually coloured coating. In addition, lighting technology was to be integrated within to support the relaxing atmosphere. The visual design – like that of the entire wellness construction project – was to be characterised by straight, clear shapes in order to create a modern and elegant design. Thanks to the design flexibility and the high degree of prefabrication of wedi solutions, the realisation of the client's specifications was possible without any problems. To ensure optimum protection of substrates and surfaces against moisture and water vapour, the wedi elements made of extruded polystyrene hard foam were initially coated with a vapour barrier during manufacturing – an essential feature, especially in steam areas where constant high-humidity is present. For this purpose, a sanded epoxy resin coat was applied to the inner side of all steam room elements. In addition, pipework for the desired Kneipp hoses was also integrated and the roof coating in the RAL colour specified by the architect was also applied in the factory. The integration of the gable roof of the steam room posed the first major challenge for the experienced wedi partner Wolfgang Peters: "There was only a limited space of 0.6 metres between the steam room ceiling and the existing concrete ceiling for assembly, so a great degree of precision was required. ‌Thanks to the low weight of the wedi elements, we were able to overcome this challenge well. First, the ceiling part of the steam room was placed on supports under the concrete ceiling to allow for the left and right roof sections to be fitted."  Technical expertise was also required when integrating the lighting technology into the gable roof at the factory: for technically flawless and safe operation, it had to be reliably protected against moisture and steam ingress. Another central part of the new steam room at the Mosel Village Resort is the custom-made wedi bench. Water and steam are effectively drained thanks to the central drainage of the wedi floor element with point drainage. This means that no moisture damage can occur – instead,a safe and pleasant environment is guaranteed in the long term.

Snow at any time of the year

With the new snow cabin, the Mosel Village Resort offers its guests an absolutely unique spaexperience: the snow produced by a snow machine allows a winter wellness pleasure all year round and serves as an invigorate cooling after a sauna or steam session. For Peters, the implementation of the snow cabin was the biggest challenge of the project. First, it was necessary to find a suitable location for the snow cabin, cold room and the required generator – a tricky task, since the technical rooms of the hotel offered only a limited space. The noise of the equipment in operation also had to be taken into account, so that guests were not disturbed. Taking all requirements into account, wellness construction expert Peters developed a tailor-made concept for integrating the snow cabin into the new sauna landscape. When planning the room with wedi wall, floor and ceiling modules, it was important to protect the timber substrate from moisture and prevent condensation outside the cabin. As a result, the wedi modules were equipped with a vapour barrier and several sealing layers. Another particular challenge arose from the integration of two 1 x 2 metre ice plates, which support the cold winter atmosphere in the snow cabin and were to be incorporated directly into the wedi wall elements. For this purpose, special anchor fasteners were used to prevent condensation forming on the substrate. After the installation of the ice plates was completed, a special sealing membrane was applied again on the wedi walls and the floor to ensure the highest level of watertightness. Just like for the steam room, a specific atmospheric lighting concept was also planned for the snow room: wedi ceiling elements were factory-fitted with LED RGB light rails to create a unique, colour-adjustable lighting environment. Finally, the most demanding part followed: five skilled workers transported the almost 100 kg heavy snow machine to the wedi roof and connected it safely and professionally with a low clearance height of only 0.6 m being available. A sweat-inducing job that has paid off: the new snow cabin shines in winter splendour and conveys a real Scandinavian sauna feeling with winter forest motifs, ice walls and wooden elements.

Safe, stable and quickly installed: wedi shower elements

Two floor-level shower elements of the Fundo Primo series were installed in the new shower area of the wellness oasis. The innovative shower solution combines functionality, aesthetics and durability. Like all wedi system solutions, the Fundo Primo shower trays are also made of high-quality extruded polystyrene foam and have exceptional stability, resilience, water and heat resistance. These properties are particularly important in wellness areas, where high temperatures and humidity prevail and the showers are heavily used every day. The Fundo Primo point drainage system with factory-integrated slope allows effective drainage of the water and prevents water pooling on the ground. Dangerous slipping can be avoided and thus safety in the shower area can be significantly improved. The walls were also designed with wedi elements according to the specifications of the client. A special highlight is the factory-installed hansgrohe iBox, to which over 200 different flush-mounted fittings can be connected. The prefabrication of the wall modules ensured that all required pipes and connections, e.g. for the overhead showers, were already included at the time of delivery and the entire technology was already sealed. The walls only had to be set up and fastened on the construction site – there was no need to set up and seal the iBox, or the piping. The installation was carried out in a very short time, with significantly less noise and dirt compared to classic sanitary installations.  After only 24 hours, the new wedi shower wall modules were ready to be tiled. Another advantage of wedi elements: they are extremely easy to maintain, meet the highest hygiene standards and provide long-term protection against mould – invaluable in areas that place high demands on cleanliness and hygiene.

Custom-made heated bench for pure moments of rest

The tailor-made bench, which ensures perfect well-being temperatures with its integrated hot water heating system, invites visitors to rest and linger between sauna or steam room sessions. As per wishes of the client, it was designed in a straight cubic form to fit harmoniously into the overall visual concept. The installation time and labour was significantly reduced thanks to the factory integration of the hot water pipes for the heating system. The desired positions for the inlet and outlet of the pipe were already determined durnig advance consultation with the sanitation company. "This allowed us to create a clear interface between different trades and to carry out the laying and milling of the pipes during manufacturing" - adds Oliver Freerichs, key account manager for spa & wellness at wedi. "This effectively prevented delays and guaranteed smooth collaboration." After assembly, the bench was tiled quickly and safely. The two-level bench now serves as a spacious seating area in the new relaxation area and has been supplemented by two foot baths for maximum comfort.

High degree of prefabrication allows for easy and quick assembly

Thanks to a special motor vehicle, it was possible to transport all prefabricated wedi products from the outdoor terrace of the wellness area to the respective installation sites without great effort. The project participants also benefited from the low weight and the extremely high stability of the elements. The fact that all wedi system solutions were already prefabricated and equipped with the required ducts and technology at the wedi factory in Emsdetten, not only simplified the work on the construction site, but also shortened the project implementation. "Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication and the good communication between the various trades, we were able to successfully assemble all components within two weeks" - Mr Peters sums up the demanding wellness construction project with satisfaction. Subsequently, the fine detailing was carried out: the required technology was connected and all wedi elements were tiled according to requirements. The dream of a high-quality and sustainable wellness oasis at the Mosel Village Resort has thus become a reality.

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