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Perfectly combined!

Smart and superior accessories; and practical aids for installing, decoupling, sealing, glueing and impact sound deadening. Optimally adapted to complement each other and of the same high quality as all wedi products!

Universal, flexible, water- and frost-resistant Wedi 320 thin-bed mortar based on hydraulic binders wedi 320 tile adhesive wedi 320 tile adhesive Universal tile adhesive for thin-bed bonding. Unique, highly adhesive adhesive and sealing material for impact seals of the wedi construction plates wedi 610
adhesive sealant
wedi 610
adhesive sealant
Unique adhesive sealant for wedi building board butt joints.
Sealing material for waterproof bonding of wedi sealing tapes, sealing surfaces, sealing boots, sealing surfaces as well as wedi construction plates with factory applied web-shaped steam brake wedi 620 - Sealant wedi 620 - Sealant wedi Tools sealing tapes, sealing corners and sealing gaiters can be bonded and sealed in 1 step with wedi 620. Flexible, waterproof and frost-resistant, 2-component sealing sludges wedi 520 for sealing under tile coverings wedi 520 – Sealant wedi 520 – Sealant 2-component sealant for sealing under tile coverings. Fundo seal set with 2-component sealing sludges and wedi Tools sealing tape and sealing corners for flexible impact sealing wedi Fundo sealing set wedi Fundo sealing set The appropriate material to ensure the secure installation of the Fundo floor elements in the system. Sealing set with 2-component sealing sludges and wedi Tools sealing tape and sealing corners for flexible impact sealing wedi Tools shower tray sealing set wedi Tools shower tray sealing set for any type of shower tray (e. g. made of resin, ceramic, acrylic etc.) Wedi Tools wall seal kit for quick and safe sealing of connection and impact joints wedi Tools wall sealing set wedi Tools wall sealing set Everything for reliable wall sealing in one package Wedi Tools sealing tape, sealing corners, sealing collar for the waterproof connection of wedi construction plates and wedi Fundo to other non-system materials wedi Tools sealing tape wedi Tools sealing tape Sealing tape to form waterproof joints between wedi building boards and wedi Fundo elements to other non-wedi materials such as screed, plasterboard, etc.. Wedi butyl pan sealing tape for tubs and shower cup seals made of TPE coated polypropylene fleece wedi Tools tub sealing tape wedi Tools tub sealing tape For bathtub and shower tray sealing Self-adhesive, special tissue tape wedi Tools armband for fixing or bridging of construction sheet impact edges wedi Tools joint reinforcement tape wedi Tools joint reinforcement tape Special fibre tape for reinforcement or bridging of building board butt joints. Self-adhesive Wedi Tools cut protection tape to protect wall and floor sealing wedi Tools Cut-resistant tape wedi Tools Cut-resistant tape Cut and stab resistant for the protection of sealing Wedi Tools insulation plate plates prevent the screws from being screwed into the XPS foam wedi Tools washers wedi Tools washers Insulation board washers prevent the screws penetrating into the XPS foam. For the sustainable mounting of the construction board systems on uneven surfaces wedi Tools metal dowel wedi Tools metal dowel For the long-term fixing of building board systems on uneven substructures. Wedi Tools cavity dowel set for quick and easy fixing after the interweaving for example mirrors, soap dispensers or towel racks wedi Tools cavity dowels set wedi Tools cavity dowels set To fix bathroom accessories Wedi Tools fertilization set for secure support under the tile resistant to moisture wedi Tools fixings set wedi Tools fixings set For mounting heavy objects on tiled or plastered wedi building boards
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