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wedi Sanoasa Shine

wedi Sanoasa Shine

"Exclusive wellness loungers with a stylish design coating."

Product information

If you demand the highest level of comfort with maximum individuality, Wellness loungers with their unusual design and variety of colours completely fulfil and set new standards.

Exotic wellness loungers with distinctive shaping and customisable design coating. Whether in classic uni colours or with a striking mother-of-pearl effect – the high-quality, smooth and seamless surface finish can be chosen from around 200 different colours (RAL UNI classic) and leaves nothing to be desired in the design. For the sophisticated private bathroom, large spa and wellness facilities and for both indoor and outdoor areas.

What`s more: they can be used as soon as they’ve been set up – without any installation effort and thanks to their low weight, they can be re-positioned as and when required.

  • Wide variety of colours
  • Innovative and eye-catching
  • Particularly easy to clean and maintain
  • Wide variety of applications
  • No installation effort

Technical properties Sanoasa Shine

Temperature limits -50°C / +75°C
Material Extruded rigid polystyrene foam (XPS), finished using a multi-layer process with a pressure-resistant special coating and varnish, among others
Weight approx. 20 – 40 kg depending on the lounger
Colour RAL UNI classic colours and individual mother-of-pearl colours custom made according to the customer’s specifications (see order form)
Gloss level high-gloss
Weather-resistant sufficient resistance
UV stability sufficient stability
Fire behaviour EN 13501 (raw foam), building material class E

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length x width x thickness
076400065 wedi Sanoasa Shine Lunger 1 Uni colour (RAL) 1920 x 700 x 672 mm
076400066 wedi Sanoasa Shine Lounger 1 Mother-of-pearl hue 1920 x 700 x 672 mm
076400068 wedi Sanoasa Shine Lounger 2 Uni colour (RAL) 1442 x 700 x 1104 mm
076400069 wedi Sanoasa Shine Lounger 2 Mother-of-pearl hue 1442 x 700 x 1104 mm
076400071 wedi Sanoasa Shine Lounger 3 Uni colour (RAL) 1856 x 700 x 764 mm
076400072 wedi Sanoasa Shine Lounger 3 Mother-of-pearl hue 1856 x 700 x 764 mm
076400074 wedi Sanoasa Shine Lounger 4 Uni colour (RAL) 2014 x 700 x 921 mm
076400075 wedi Sanoasa Shine Lounger 4 Mother-of-pearl hue 2014 x 700 x 921 mm
076400077 wedi Sanoasa Shine Lounger 5 Uni colour (RAL) 1738 x 700 x 890 mm
076400078 wedi Sanoasa Shine Lounger 5 Mother-of-pearl hue 1738 x 700 x 890 mm

Applications wedi Sanoasa Shine

The areas of application are many and varied. The wellness loungers are suitable for private bathrooms, public spa and wellness facilities as well as internal and external areas.

Surface requirements, laying:
The elements can be placed on stable, even surfaces of any type.

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