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Energy-efficient bathroom renovation

For most people, the bathroom should be a cosy "oasis of well-being". However, it would affect  energy consumption that is not only bad for the environment, but is also becoming more and more expensive in the face of high energy prices. For bathroom renovations, this means that experts should address the topic of thermal insulation during the consultation, and make it clear that the investment in this area would pay off quickly afterwards. "Depending on the external wall, the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70% with internal insulation," says Patrick Stockden, Head of Systems Technology at wedi.

Many older bathrooms take a long time to heat up because they are barely insulated and therefore, are unable to store heat. This was the normal standard of construction in the 60s and 70s, but today it leads to very high energy bills.External insulation however, is often difficult and expensive.

Save money by retrofit including interior insulation.

With wedi building boards, bathrooms can be effectively and easily insulated from the inside. The thermally insulating board with XPS core is waterproof and provides an optimal base for tiles and other floor, wall and ceiling coverings. Depending on the external wall, heat loss can be reduced by more than half with just 20 mm thick wedi building boards. "We calculated the possible savings for an example bathroom with a floor area of 9.3 square metres and two external walls," says Patrick Stockden. The result is impressive: insulation with the wedi building board can reduce energy costs by up to 500 euros per year. If government funding is added, the installation pays off particularly quickly.

The wedi building board and the wedi PreLine: thermal insulation and quick installation

The wedi building board can be easily and quickly installed on any surface. It does not require any additional waterproofing and is the basis of versatile wedi system solutions.
Should the bathroom have underfloor heating? Then, the prefabricated wedi PreLine is the ideal choice for an energy-efficient bathroom renovation. The board is fully prepared with integrated grooves for laying the pipes of hot-water heating systems.

It reflects the heat back into the room providing a quickly noticeable heat development. The element can be directly tiled – without the need for costly screed installation. A straightforward solution without long drying times and unnecessary delays in the construction process.

Energy-efficient and EPD certified

Thanks to wedi XPS products being not only thermally insulating, but also energy-efficient, wedi makes a major contribution to the environmentally friendly and conscious use of precious energy. wedi building boards are EPD certified, meaning that their environmental footprint throughout their entire service life is declared. wedi has been consistently modernising its entire machinery and plant fleet as well as its heating and compressor systems, resulting not only in energy saving, but also in the improvement of CO2 balance. Part of the required electricity for manufacturing is produced via the company's own photovoltaic system and combined with green electricity from 100 percent renewable sources. In addition, the recycled content of wedi XPS elements is 25 percent.

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October 2023

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