wedi is on the right path

As a globally active family company, wedi is aware of its economic, environmental and social responsibilities. This is reflected in environmental protection measures integrated into production as well as in the company's social commitment. In order to embed the topic of sustainability more firmly into the company, we are constantly continuing to develop our sustainability strategy. For wedi, long-term success is based on the balance between economic, environmental and social goals:

We help our customers to be successful in the long term with our innovations and products. Experience in craftsmanship, knowledge of customer requirements and the correct assessment of future factors in construction are essential for this. Sustainable construction is such an important factor which noticeably eases the impact on the environment with concrete solutions. Energy efficiency and resource conservation as well as age-appropriate, barrier-free living are important goals for wedi. We pursue these goals consistently and make optimised solutions available for everyone involved in construction: building owners, planners, businesses and the trades.

As a manufacturing company, wedi is constantly working to sustainably optimise each individual process, to save on raw materials and to minimise waste as well as to use energy as efficiently as possible and produce its own energy. The continual efforts to improve systems and processes, along with the closing of material and energy cycles, have reduced emissions into the air, water and ground in recent years.Social responsibility.

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