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An introduction to the company

wedi – systematic construction and renovation work

Helmut Wedi, a master tiler, founded wedi GmbH in 1983 with a big goal in mind: To develop high-quality, practical solutions for the trade which provide real added values for the tradesman. Over the last 28 years, this goal has turned into a philosophy which is still applied today, one generation later, by Stephan Wedi.

Today, systematic construction and renovation work therefore means much more than just the well-known wedi building board. As a specialist in the business areas of design elements, customised building service and construction systems, as well as numerous services in the areas of marketing support and application technology, wedi has developed into a premium brand for creating bathroom and wellness areas.

"Innovative products can't just be developed on paper; a direct relationship to practice is an absolute must." This statement from Helmut Wedi, founder of wedi GmbH, does not merely give an accurate description of the nature of our company over the past few decades, it has become a philosophy and mission statement for the entire wedi team. At the same time, we place great importance on properly implementing the advantages which we have as a family-run company.

For this reason, concise decision-making processes, constant further development for our employees, critical evaluation of our own performance and products, as well as ensuring a closeness to our customer and markets, are crucial elements which wedi brings to bear - on a daily basis and with no compromises. The challenge in all of this is to maintain traditional values whist also being innovative and authentic. We organise our business areas into the following main groups: building materials, design objects and customised building service.

For example, if you need stable, well designed or designable substructures for the tiling trade, which are also waterproof and logical to construct, you will find a fully developed range of the most varied building materials offered by wedi. At the same time, our customers do not just have a wide selection of standard products to choose from, they can also benefit from almost all individual solutions imaginable in the form of sophisticated, individually-tailored products.

wedi customers are familiar with our certified quality, enjoy reliable delivery and adherence to deadlines and trust the specialist advice provided by our internal and external sales representatives. The result is an above average cost-efficiency with the help of the wedi premium brand. In order to ensure that things stay this way, hundreds of employees are working on our products and services every day, both at home and abroad - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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