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10-year guarantee

The 10-year guarantee is granted for all products specified in the price list. The current guarantee conditions can be found on the respective product pages.

What needs to be fulfilled?

The guarantee applies to all price list articles, including special Fundos described in the price list.

Guarantee services:

  • Free replacement for the faulty product.
  • Reimbursement of the documented and necessary expenses for the costs of the remediation measures, however up to a maximum of €20,000 per claim and a maximum of €40,000 per order.
  • Compensation for third-party property damage (with the exception of compensation for financial losses, such as loss of profit, business interruption or loss due to production costs).
  • The guarantee is limited to the original installer.

Further requirements:

  • The products are to be installed according to the installation instructions of the manufacturer wedi.
  • Damages must be reported immediately in writing to vertrieb@wedi.de.

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Ihr Kontakt zu wedi

Ihr Kontakt zu wedi

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