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Fundo shower elements: Reliable, versatile and easily installed

Flush-to-floor showers for the highest demands

A floor-level shower is still at the top of the list of bathroom wishes for nearly a third of Germans, according to a survey by the Association of German Sanitary Industries (VDS). Functionality, reliability, quality and design are all important factors. wedi combines all these features in its range of Fundo shower elements. Whether with classic point or elegant linear drainage for tricky installation situations or with completely integrated drain technology: the enormous variety of the Fundo series offers individual possibilities to increase the wellness factor in the bathroom with a stylish floor-level shower.

"Walk-in showers are extremely functional, adaptable and popular in both private and public areas," says Thomas Seifert, the sales manager for Germany and Austria at wedi. Not only they are particularly convenient to use, but also straightforward to install: Flush-to-floor wedi Fundo shower elements are 100% waterproof and the exact slope is already integrated during manufacturing. This reduces installation time and labour on the construction site and thus offers maximum safety. "Our Fundo shower elements have especially high compressive strength. If they are covered with tiles from a size of 5 x 5 cm or with wedi Fundo Top ready-to-install surfaces, they can also be used for wheelchair access. Many of our shower elements are available in a size of 1.50 x 1.50 m making the creation of an accessible or barrier-free shower space possible at any time in accordance with the standard specifications of DIN 18040 – part 2. A shower area made with wedi is therefore ideal for use by several generations and can continue to be used without adjustment even if life situations change,"  says Thomas Seifert emphasizing another advantage of floor-level shower elements.

Versatile Shower Solutions

The wedi Fundo series meets the requirements of the user in terms of functionality and design, as well as the requirements of the installer in terms of simple and safe installation. All wedi shower elements are designed for wet room requirements and thanks to their diversity they enable an individual and suitable solution in every bathroom. In addition, the installer can make minor adjustments to the shape of the shower element to suit individual room conditions: this is possible with simple tools such as a jigsaw or a fox tail. The decisive advantage is that even after adjustment, the element retains its complete watertightness and security.

Fundo shower elements are available with point or linear drainage, as a classic shower element or as a complete system with integrated drainage technology. A suitable drainage is available in three different variants with either vertical or horizontal design.  The installation and sealing of Fundo shower elements to adjacent surfaces is particularly easy with wedi accessories. "As an innovative company, we are constantly expanding our product portfolio, adapting to the needs of the market. The latest innovation is the Fundo RioLigno shower element, which allows the installation of a flush-to-floor shower with linear drainage into a suspended timber floor," Thomas Seifert reports on the latest innovation from wedi.

A complete shower on request

With wedi Fundo shower elements the base of the shower is laid, but wedi also has other products in its assortment for the design of complete shower areas. Shower walls and benches made of extruded polystyrene hard foam can be installed in the shortest possible time. The low weight and well-thought-out features, such as a factory-integrated niche in the wedi Sanwell wall element for example, make the installation particularly easy. All wedi elements – i.e. the shower element, walls, niches and benches – can then be covered with matching design surfaces of the wedi Top Line. Thanks to the five different colour options, they make a stylish design of any shower area possible quickly and easily.

The right shower for every requirement

The wide range of wedi elements offers the possibility to configure a stylish floor-level shower for almost any installation situation. The practical wedi shower configurator helps: step by step, it guides the user through various options and recommends the appropriate wedi products for the specific requirement. After the configuration of the shower, the user receives a parts list as a PDF. If you are registered as a user, a quotation can be requested immediately from a registered dealer.

In short: three questions to Thomas Seifert, the Sales Manager for Germany and Austria at wedi

Most of the showers that are currently being used are designed to be flush-to-floor. In your experience, what are the reasons behind this trend?

Seifert: Usually, bathrooms in Germany are used for 20 years. Most builders want the bathroom to be as user-friendly as possible over its entire life span – even through changing phases of life. Walk-in showers offer a high level of comfort and convenience for all generations. They therefore correspond per se to the universal design.

What trends do you see in flush-to-floor showers?

Seifert: There is a trend toward joint-free solutions and we are also following this trend. More and more builders and planners are opting for seamless design surfaces, which are not only simple and fast to install but easy to maintain, promote hygiene and also create the feel of a spacious bathroom.

What are the advantages of wedi shower elements?

Seifert: In short, they offer maximum safety with minimum installation time: difficult work steps such as adjusting the slope for example are no longer necessary since it is already integrated into the floor element at the factory. Even if the element has to be adapted to special room situations, i.e. a prominent corner, it does not lose its watertightness in the overall system.

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