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Systemised sealing

Seal shower areas with comprehensive wedi solutions

Thanks to wedi's innovative system solutions, customised, reliably sealed shower enclosures can be designed and created within the shortest possible time and with minimal effort. The broad wedi portfolio offers optimally coordinated, 100% waterproof products that can be combined with one another to create a safe, complete system.

Especially in wet rooms - whether in private or commercial settings - reliable and safe sealing is essential to protect the substrate against moisture. Using wedi products is a particularly quick and easy way to do this: both classic wedi building boards and floor-level Fundo shower elements function as approved seals conforming to DIN 18534 and can be processed in a time-saving, safe and dirt-free manner.

Seal once

The shower, like all areas frequently exposed to water, must be fitted with a compound seal. wedi offers the right solution for all situations: whether it's a wedi building board, a membrane sealing with wedi Subliner, a floor element for a flush-to-floor shower, sealing tapes, sealing slurries or an adhesive sealant – with the standard-compliant wedi sealing system, installers and designers are on the safe side. The shower can be safely and efficiently sealed as long as it is designed observing the requirements for sealing indoor areas.

Fewer trades – reduced interfaces

During the creation of a shower area, different trades are involved, which is why - especially when it comes to the sealing of the shower - questions of responsibility arise. Thanks to the coordinated wedi components, risky and laborious work steps are reduced. For example, all wedi shower elements already have a precise gradient and the drain partially integrated during manufacturing, making the installation quick and safe for the skilled craftsman.

Guaranteed watertightness

The tried and tested wedi building board with a core made of extruded polystyrene hard foam, as an approved board-shaped sealing system, can be combined with wedi system accessories such as the wedi 610 adhesive sealant in accordance with the relevant standards. The wedi building board however is not only the perfect waterproofing medium, but it also enables the quick and easy levelling of uneven surfaces. The result: an ideal base for tiles, natural stone or alternatively, for the wedi Top Line ready-to-install design surfaces. Factory-prepared module walls with integrated technology can be processed and installed in the shortest possible time. Building board connections, penetrations and transition joints can be perfectly sealed with the right wedi sealing solution. In addition, the lightweight boards can be cut without any problems and without losing their watertightness or stability. wedi guarantees the quality of its products and offers a 10-year warranty on the entire price list range. For a certified wedi specialist, wedi grants a 15-year warranty on the entire shower area, as well as a 20-year warranty on the entire wedi bathroom. Thus, skilled craftsmen and users receive the highest level of safety in the system.

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