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wedi Nonstep ProS prevents sound transmission in the bathroom

Sound insulation in the tried and tested wedi system - Improved sound insulation with low installation height

Even when a bathroom is used as a place of peace and relaxation, disruptive noises occur particularly quickly here. When the water strikes the floor during showering, it generates sound waves which can also be heard in adjoining rooms. Preventing this requires professional decoupling of both the bath and shower area. With the Nonstep ProS sound insulation fleece, wedi has optimised a system element which, in addition to reliable sound insulation, also stands out with its low installation height.

Sound insulation is particularly important for quality of life and a pleasant atmosphere in a building because loud noises inevitably fray the nerves. There are therefore guidelines defining the maximum noise level in residential buildings which is permissible without negative impact on its residents. To meet such criteria, wedi has developed sound insulation products that form a system with and thus complement flush-to-floor wedi Fundo shower elements perfectly and ensures reliable sound insulation.

Noise in wet areas

When it comes to sanitary installation, we differentiate between fall, impact and flow noises. Noise levels transmitted from bathrooms are evaluated in the rooms which need protection of those types of noises such as the bedroom or living room for example. If a flush‑to‑floor shower is installed in the bathroom, then the impact noise can be heard because its fall energy is largely converted into sound energy. Flow noises, on the other hand, predominantly occur in the horizontal water pipe. If the water flows over uneven surfaces here or has to cope with a change of direction, then vibrations are transmitted to the adjacent elements through contact points between the pipe and the building. This structure-borne sound is further transmitted and can be heard through the ceilings or walls of adjoining rooms as audible airborne sound.

Sound insulation in the bathroom

In general, two types of sound insulation must be taken into consideration in bathrooms: water impact sound insulation and footfall insulation. Water impact sound insulation is also known as the installation sound level. It indicates insulation for noises which occur when the water strikes the shower floor while showering. This noise is transmitted into adjoining rooms via the sanitary area. Footfall insulation or footfall noise, in turn, indicates the noises which occur when treading on a floor. These are generally transmitted downward. In order to minimise sounds transmission, the transmission path for the structure-borne sound must be interrupted. This is achieved by elastically decoupling contact surfaces of the bathroom objects from the structure, thus preventing acoustic bridging.

Nonstep ProS: safe material and low installation height

The Nonstep ProS is a high-quality sound insulation fleece which offers increased sound insulation for flush-to-floor showers. It is used under wedi Fundo shower elements and significantly reduces the water impact and footfall noises. The material is not only sound-absorbing, it is also moisture and rot-resistant. Mould growth is thus prevented, making the fleece particularly long‑lasting as well as recyclable. Specialist installers are also impressed by its easy installation: the material is soft and flexible, making it easy to handle and no PE film is required. The fleece is available in two sizes, 900 x 900 mm or 1200 x 600 mm, but can be cut as desired if custom dimensions are required. With a low thickness of just 9 mm, the fleece only minimally changes the installation height and at the same time, unevenness in the floor can also easily be levelled out with this flexible material. The minimum requirement for structural sound insulation is defined in DIN 4109, higher sound insulation requirements are defined in VDI 4100. wedi Nonstep ProS meets the minimum requirements and was likewise successfully tested in the wedi system for compliance with the higher sound insulation requirements. wedi offers a system solution for flush-to-floor showers which prevents noise disturbances and maintains privacy.

The new brochure with all information concerning wedi sound insulation, as well as flyers and installation instructions for the new wedi Nonstep ProS sound insulation fleece, can be downloaded from the wedi website using the search term “sound insulation”.

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