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wedi – systemised approach for new bathrooms

Reduce installation time and labour with the wedi system

As a leading system provider of waterproof construction and shower systems, wedi develops modular products that fit perfectly together. Not only can various wedi elements be easily combined in any way you like, but the installation time is significantly reduced too. Added bonus: laborious and/or risky work steps are integrated into prefabricated wedi products as much as possible, reducing stress and giving peace of mind for the installer.

System with a waterproof core

Whether you are looking for a wellness oasis or a compact bathroom – the owners always have a wide range of requirements. Regardless of the vast variety of design requirements, the modular wedi system offers unlimited possibilities for designing individual, on-trend bathrooms. All wedi products interlock with one another, forming a sealed and secure, coherent product system. The core is made of waterproof extruded polystyrene foam, providing the substrate with long-term protection against mould and moisture.

Product systems make bathroom design a breeze

Designing a floor-level shower is particularly easy because the precise gradient is integrated into all Fundo shower elements during manufacturing and therefore is no longer required to be created manually. If for example, the installer uses a complete shower solution with integrated drainage, the installation can be done in a blink of an eye.  Thanks to the extremely light weight of wedi building boards, even shower walls can be installed quickly by just one person.  Prefabricated niches, in many different sizes, can be easily integrated into the walls, and wedi can also supply a ready-to-install partition wall with an integrated niche. Thanks to the wide range of benches and seats wedi offers, the installation of a shower bench is also straightforward and simple. The modular nature of wedi components and their adaptability to individual requirements makes the creation of sophisticated shower areas a breeze.

Systematic room concepts

However, not only shower areas can be designed with wedi product systems: functional elements or sanitary and bathroom furniture as well as free-standing walls, for example as room dividers, are also possible. Power lines can be integrated as easily as cold or hot water lines for example, and fittings or other finished technical components can also be installed during manufacturing according to the customer's specifications. Once arrived to the construction site, they just need to be connected to existing supplies and receive their surface finish. If a wall-hung toilet cistern is to be concealed, the wedi I-Board provides a straightforward solution. Individual design is not a problem either: thanks to the high structural stability of wedi building boards, benches, shelves or individually designed bathroom furniture can also be easily implemented. These can, of course, be adjusted to the exact millimetre, enabling almost any desired construction.

Matching surface design

Thanks to seamless design surfaces of the wedi Top Line, the bathroom can be given an individual look. There are large format, panel-type design surfaces for walls and one-piece, preformed and perfectly matching surfaces for shower elements and benches or niches. All design surfaces of the wedi Top Line can also be adapted to individual requirements and their seamless nature makes them an ideal alternative to traditional tiling. Stylish accents - for example by designing the alcove, shower wall and floor in different colours - are easily done and so, an entire bathroom from the substructure to the surface can be installed in the shortest possible time with individuality rooted in secure systems.

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November 2022

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