Wooden substrates

Installation over wooden substrates

Floor application for the wedi Building Board

wedi Building Boards are excelllent underlayments for tile over interior wood subfloors. When applied over wood sub-floors – wedi Building Boards act as a waterproof membrane and offer a superior bonding surface for tile. Additionally,the thermal insulating qualities of the boards support installations including floor warming systems under the tile cov-ering. The cleanliness of cutting and installing wedi Building Boards make especially renovating a great experience. Crisp cuts around installations or obstacles provide for full surface tile support even in underlayment edge areas andtricky spots. When used for waterproofing the exact cut outs and perfect joint alignment provide tight and closed waterproofed surfaces.

All wedi Building Boards sizes and thicknesses can be used as tile underlayments over wood subfloors. A modified thinset mortar is applied to the floor with a 1/4” x 1/4” V- or U-notch trowel to provide a ribbed bed. The wedi Building Boards are then laid into the mortar. All joints should be staggered so that no seam continues throughout the length of the floor. wedi fasteners, in this application tabless washers and wood screws, are applied every 1 ft into seams to create flush transitions between boards making use of the wedi washer and are generally set at a rate of 1 fastener per 1 square foot across the board surface. All seams should be taped with wedi alkali resistant mesh tape in dry areas or with wedi Sealing Tape or wedi 610 Adhesive Sealant in wet areas. Fastener points are waterproofed using wedi 610 Adhesive Sealant before tiling begins once the thinset mortar has set up below the wedi boards. Use weights over wedi boards and especially across board transitions to ensure full bond and smooth transitions.

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