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Subliner Dry

Subliner Dry

„Sealing – Waterproofing and Crack-bridging Sheet Membrane.“

Thin, crack-bridging sealing sheet made from tear-resistant polyethylene film. Thanks to the dual-sided special fleece lamination, the polyethylene film offers the optimum anchoring for tilelaying materials. Perfect for fast sealing measures on building sites with fixed deadlines in combination with ceramic tiles and slabs as well as natural stone floor coverings for indoor wall and floor surfaces

  • 100% waterproof
  • Water vapour retardant
  • Flexible & crack-bridging
  • High tear-resistance
  • Alkaline and aging resistant
  • Non-decomposing
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low overall height
  • Can be used on hot-water underfloor heating
  • Strong adhesion of wedi laying materials
  • Chemical-resistance in accordance with DIN EN 1847
  • Suitable for application on hot-water floor heating systems
  • Suitable for application under electric floor heating systems

Technical properties - sealing membrane

Material base Dual-sided special fleece lamination polyethylene film
Sealing sheet colour Grey
Sealing sheet width 1 m
Sealing sheet length 5 m and 30 m
Sealing sheet thickness 0,51 mm
Weight 298 g/m²
Processing temperature +5°C to +30°C
Temperature resistance -30 °C to +90 °C
Waterproofness tested and approved through CSIRO under AS/NZS 4858
Equivalent air layer thickness (sd) ca. 85 m
Fire behaviour EN 13501 E
Watertightness according to DIN EN 1928 >= 1.5 bar

Chemical resistance against

hydrochloric acid 3 %
sulphuric acid 35 %
citric acid 100 g/l
lactic acid 5 %
salt water 20 g/l (sea water salt)
alkali 3 % according abP general building inspection test certificate requirements

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length x width x thickness
095110305 wedi Subliner Dry, waterproofing sheet membrane (1 roll) 5 x 1 m
095110332 wedi Subliner Dry, waterproofing sheet membrane (1 roll) 30 x 1 m

Areas of use wedi Subliner Dry

wedi Subliner Dry is a sheet sealant for wet rooms subject to moderate exposure to water corresponding to the moisture exposure classes A0 in accordance with the ZDB information sheet, such as, for example:
• Bathrooms in private homes
• Hotel bathrooms

Tested and approved by the building authorities for the manufacture of a composite sealing material for wet rooms subject to heavy exposure to water of the moisture exposure classes A, C such as, for example:
• Showers
• Borders of swimming pools
• Commercial kitchens and laundries

In the case of areas that require an official building authority permit, only system-tested components may be used. More information on this is contained in the general test certificate issued by the building authorities.

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