Sanbath Cube & Sanbath Wave | Bathtub

Sanbath Cube & Sanbath Wave | Bathtub

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The wedi design series Sanbath is the easiest way to bring new shapes and colours into the bathroom. wedi Sanbath Cube and Sanbath Wave are ready-for-assembly bathtubs made of the wedi building board material. After installation and connection, the desired tiling surface can be installed – the bathtub is ready for use.
wedi building board - Floor applications
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Important note

Final positioning of the bathtub taking the position of the rotary button into account. If the rotary button is to be positioned directly on a wall, the Bowden cable must be installed prior to the bathtub being put in place as described in point 9.

Only after the edge of the bathtub has been tiled and the Bowden cable has been installed, can the revision opening be closed. The walls around the bathtub can be tiled afterwards.

If the fittings are meant to be installed along the edge of the bathtub, a reinforcing building board needs to be integrated beforehand.

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