Energetic bathroom renovation with wedi: Efficient. Fast. Cost-saving.

For most people, the bathroom should be a cosy "oasis of well-being". However, it would affect  energy consumption that is not only bad for the environment, but is also becoming more and more expensive in the face of high energy prices. For bathroom renovations, this means that experts should address the topic of thermal insulation during the consultation, and make it clear that the investment in this area would pay off quickly afterwards. "Depending on the external wall, the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70% with internal insulation," says Patrick Stockden, Head of Systems Technology at wedi.

Many older bathrooms take a long time to heat up because they are barely insulated and therefore, are unable to store heat. This was the normal standard of construction in the 60s and 70s, but today it leads to very high energy bills.External insulation however, is often difficult and expensive.

Energetic bathroom renovation with wedi

Save money by retrofit including interior insulation.

With wedi building boards, bathrooms can be effectively and easily insulated from the inside. The thermally insulating board with XPS core is waterproof and provides an optimal base for tiles and other floor, wall and ceiling coverings such as wedi Top Wall. Depending on the external wall, heat loss can be reduced by more than half with just 20 mm thick wedi building boards. Energy costs can be reduced by up to €500 per year with a wedi 80 mm thick panel.

An energetic bathroom renovation with wedi is always worthwhile, whether as part of a renovation roadmap, as an eligible individual measure or as a repair renovation. If government funding is added, the installation pays off particularly quickly.

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Energetic bathroom renovation with wedi

The wedi solution at a glance - wedi building board

With wedi building boards, bathrooms can be effectively and easily insulated from the inside. The thermally insulating board with XPS core is waterproof and provides an optimal base for tiles and other floor, wall and ceiling coverings.

The enormous versatility of wedi building boards begins with the subsurface. Regardless of its condition, wedi building boards can always be used quickly and easily. They are available in different strengths.

Without the need for an additional seal, they form the ideal thermal insulating covering carrier and can also be retrofitted within a very short time. The watertight wedi building boards thus ensure optimum thermal insulation in every bathroom and on almost any surface.

Energetic bathroom renovation with wedi

wedi PreLine: Fast. Reliable. Warm.

Should the bathroom have underfloor heating? Then, the prefabricated wedi PreLine is the ideal choice for an energy-efficient bathroom renovation.

The wedi PreLine is a fully prepared building board element for easy installation of hot
water heating systems. Thanks to its strong insulation properties, it promotes a balanced heat distribution across the entire space. The element canbe directly tiled, saving the time-consuming installation of screed and reducing the constructionheight of the floor structure to a very minimum (from 30 mm). wedi PreLine is therefore particularly suitable for renovation.

The installation is as simple as it is ingenious: Thanks to the predetermined laying pattern, commercially available plastic pipes for underfloor heating (Ø16 mm) can be installed directly in the milled sections. An underfloor heating system can be connected to the existing heating system. The XPS product core serves as thermal insulation and at the same time as a seal in conjunction with the wedi system accessories. The radiant heat is emitted directly to the room and ensures a pleasant living feeling after a short time.

Energetic bathroom renovation with wedi

The advantages over screed:

  • Rapid construction progress, no weeks of drying
  • The bathroom was quickly reusable
  • Clean workmanship, less dust and dirt
  • Static advantages due to low weight
  • No moisture entry into the house
  • High processing reliability, fewer processing errors
Energetic bathroom renovation with wedi

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System design

With the perfectly matched wedi system accessories, the wedi PreLine can be sealed easily, quickly and 100% waterproof.

Products used :

  1. wedi 520 waterproof sealant for the sealing of wedi Tools sealing tapes
  2. wedi Tools sealing tape for reliable sealing of intersections and butt joints
  3. wedi 320 tile adhesive for bonding wedi PreLine to the screed floor and for filling the pipe ducts
  4. wedi Tools reinforcing tape, self-adhesive for reinforcing the entire surface
  5. wedi PreLine prefabricated building board element for hot water heating systems
  6. wedi Tools edge strips for sealing in the wall area
  7. wedi 610 for filling the penetrations and for sealing the impact areas between the wedi PreLine elements
Energetic bathroom renovation with wedi
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