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wedi 320

wedi 320

„Tile adhesive can be used everywhere.“

Product information

Universal, flexible thin-bed mortar based on a hydraulic bonding agent. Ideal for fixing and laying wedi building boards as well as wall and floor tiles in interior areas.

Product features
wedi 320 high-quality tile adhesive is characterised by its stability under load and coverage, its creamy consistency, ease of use and long open time. The quality of wedi 320 is documented by the tested product properties C2 TE in accordance with DIN EN 12004.

Technical properties

Technical properties of wedi 320
Mixing ratio approx. 7.5 litres of water to 25 kg of powder
Processing time approx. 5 hours
Tile application time (open time) approx. 20 – 30 minutes
(depending on absorbency and temperature)
Realignment time up to approx. 15 minutes
Hard enough to walk on / grout after approx. 24 hours
Suitable for underfloor heating yes
Processing (air) temperature min. +5 °C, max. +30 °C
Thickness of adhesive bed up to max. 5 mm
4 x 4 grooves: approx. 1.3 kg/m²
6 x 6 grooves: approx. 2.2 kg/m²
8 x 8 grooves: approx. 2.8 kg/m²
25 kg paper sack

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Quantity
110025320 wedi 320 tile adhesive, universal 25 kg sack

Areas of use wedi 320

wedi 320 is a hydraulic binding agent-based, highly polymermodified quick-drying thin-bed mortar in accordance with DIN 18157 for full surface setting and laying of wedi building boards, wedi Fundo and wedi Subliner. In addition, it can be used for the bonding of tiles, glass mosaics and split tiles as well as natural and artificial stone slabs. The flexible adhesive can also be used on plasters made from cement, lime or gypsum, screed, concrete and prefabricated concrete elements (at least 3 months old), gypsum fibre boards, aerated concrete, mastic asphalt and insulating boards as well as the wedi sealing system.

In addition, wedi 320 is suitable for bonding of stoneware tiles, tile on tiles and for the laying of ceramic tiles and slabs on screeds with underfloor heating and anhydrite floating screeds etc. (The requirements in the “Ceramic tiling and slabs, natural and artificial stone on heated floor constructions” data sheet, 2007 edition, must be fulfilled.)

wedi 320 tile adhesive

wedi 320

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