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Free-standing walls mounted in no time at all

wedi walls for wet rooms: stable, reliable, safe

Each room has its own effect. The bathroom should, at best, be a place for rest, privacy and intimacy. Walls can have a significant role in this. As a rule, they provide structure and separate the dry area from the wet area, for example. As a visual protection for the toilet or the shower, they increase the privacy and thus the comfort factor. Partition wall systems also convince functionally: whether as structures for fixing the shower door or attaching a wash basin to and/or incorporating a niche into, they fulfil their purpose in the bathroom. wedi's waterproof wall elements made of extruded polystyrene hard foam impress with their simple and fast assembly. Here's the highlight: direct bonding instead of building and/or mechanical fixing.

Easy handling, quick assembly

The room design with wedi walls is much simpler and faster than walls traditionally built with aerated concrete. Thanks to the basic material polystyrene hard foam, wedi wall elements are truly lightweight, which greatly facilitates handling on the construction site. Even the largest wedi building board (length 2600 mm, width 1200 mm) can easily be carried by one person without any problems. Professional sealing and bonding in a single step with the wedi 610 adhesive sealant is sufficient for assembly reducing material requirement by approx. 65%. There is less dust and dirt and the processing and drying times are also significantly reduced. While a traditional brick wall can only be tiled after five days, this can be done the next day with wedi walls.

Construct and seal at the same time

The decisive advantage of wedi walls: they are not only structural elements that are much lighter offering the same stability as traditionally built walls, but are also part of the wedi sealing system (with ABP or DIN 18534). The installer does not need to additionally seal the wall. This also means that interfaces between different trades are reduced. In addition, a required technology can be integrated into the wall at the factory. The wall module is then delivered ready for installation with recesses for lines, pipes, fittings and heating technology. The result: individual wall solutions for the user and time savings for the installer.

Countless design possibilities

wedi wall elements offer high design flexibility: they are used as cladding for sealing and levelling existing walls, as shower walls or as free-standing walls. The wedi building board XXL is approved as a free-standing wall from a wall thickness of 50 mm. Thus, a "slimmer" design is possible than with brick walls (in this case a minimum wall thickness of 70 mm applies). Shower cubicles in public sanitary facilities or complete bathroom solutions, i.e for hotels can be implemented easily and quickly with wedi wall modules. In three different widths (standard 600 mm, XL 900 mm and XXL 1200 mm) and in three heights (1250, 2500 and 2600 mm) as well as in a variety of thicknesses from 4 mm to 100 mm, the suitable element for every application can be found within the standard wedi product portfolio. Convenient: a fox tail as a tool is sufficient to adapt a wedi wall element to individual room situations such as sloping ceilings for example. Unevenness in ceilings and floors is compensated by a slope wedge.

Walls as functional elements

wedi walls however, can have more than just an aesthetic influence on the sense of space: for example, the Sanwell wall element with integrated niche ensures more order and space in the shower since showering accessories can be conveniently placed in the niche. In a traditional brick wall, for the integration of a niche, 8 sealing corners and 12 sealing tapes are required, whereas in the wedi Sanwell wall element, the niche is already integrated in the factory and thus securely sealed. In addition, it can be quickly adjusted in height and size to suit customers' requirements. The processing time is thus over 90% shorter and less material is needed. If the walls are used as partitions, washstands, shelves or towel racks can be attached to them. The extremely stable building boards can be reinforced in just a few steps and can thus also bear the weight of heavy objects such as glass doors or radiators up to 80 kg. Therefore, wedi walls not only open up a wide variety of design possibilities, they also make assembly easier for the installer and give builders and planners security in planning and costing.

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