WC dry wall installation

WC dry wall installation
(mechanical fixing method and adhesive bonded)

Building boards prefabricated elements wedi I-Board and wedi I-Board plus

wedi I-Board (1200 x 1245 x 20 mm) is a prefabricated fitting element for cladding of wall-mounted WCs. With a width of 1,200 mm, it can easily be adapted to virtually all specific needs. Despite its light weight, it is extremely strong and stable (up to 400 kg from a tile size of 10 x 10 cm). The installation cladding board can be tiled directly after fitting without further pre-treatment.
Especially for plaster and mosaic tiling - the wedi I-Board Plus combines all the benefits of the tried and tested wedi I-Board but has an additional reinforcement plate integrated in the factory.

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