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I-Board and I-Board Plus

I-Board and I-Board Plus

„The pre-fabricated cladding for front wall installations.“

Product information

The fully prepared solution for cladding WC dry wall installations. Both solutions include all components required for quick and easy cladding of WC dry wall installations. The choice of the right cladding element depends on the final surface design, e.g. small or large-format tiles, mosaic or plaster.

wedi I-Board (1200 x 1245 x 20 mm) is a pre-fabricated element for the cladding of wall-mounted WCs. With a width of 1,200 mm, it can easily be adapted to virtually all needs. The connection to the carrier element is made either with wedi 610 adhesive and sealant or alternatively with the wedi Tools washers and the included self-tapping screws. Despite the the I-Board being light weight, it is extremely strong, stable and is suitable for large-format tiling (up to 400 kg weight load from a tile size of 10 x 10 cm). The installed cladding board can be tiled directly without further surface preparation.

Especially for plaster and mosaic tiling - the wedi I-Board Plus combines all the benefits of the tried and tested wedi I-Board but has an additional reinforcement plate integrated in the factory. As a result, the pressure load from the attached WC ceramics is perfectly offset so that the dry wall installation can be individually tiled with mosaic from 2 × 2 cm or plastered (plaster ≥ 3 mm).

  • Simple and quick to install
  • For tiles, plaster and mosaic 
  • Can be cut individually

All advantages at a single glance

Technical data of building board and I-Board Plus

Fire behaviour EN 13501 E
Tensile strength 0,28 N/mm2
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion 0,02 mm/mk
Strong til 4 KN

Technical properties – Rigid foam

Long-term compressive strength (50 years) ≤ 2% compression EN 1606
0,08 N/mm2 Compressive resistance or compressive strength at 10% compression EN 826
0,25 N/mm2 Associated modulus of elasticity EN 826
10 – 18 N/mm2 Thermal conductivity EN 13164
0,036 W/mK Tensile strength EN 1607
0,45 N/mm2 Shearing resistance EN 12090
0,2 N/mm2 Shear modulus EN 12090
7 N/mm2 Bulk density EN 1602
32 kg/m3 Resistance to water vapour diffusion(μ) EN 12086
100 Water absorption under long-term immersion EN 12087
≤ 1,5 Vol.-% Capillar action
0,07 mm/mK Temperature limits
-50°C / +75°C Fire behaviour of construction materials EN 13501, building material class
E Carbon dioxide propellant GWP value

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length x width x thickness
073964220 wedi I-Board, WC installation systems cover, including spaces for WC piping, brackets and screw set 1.200 × 1.245 × 20 mm
073964222 wedi I-Board Plus, WC installation systems cover, especially for plaster and mosaic 1.200 × 1.245 × 20 mm

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Areas of use wedi I-Board

  • The wedi I-Board is a completely pre-fabricated element for cladding wall-mounted toilets. With its width of 120 cm, this board can be easily adapted and adjusted to any individual needs. Despite it being light weight, it is extremely stable and robust.
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