Nonstep ProS - Sound insulation fleece

Nonstep ProS - Sound insulation fleece

"Improved sound insulation with a lower installation height."

Product information

During showering and bathing, different types of noise occur which may be transmitted to neighbouring rooms as a sound. For this reason, regulations are put in place defining the maximum sound level to ensure that the quality of living of a building’s inhabitants is not affected. wedi’s sound insulation products and floor level shower elements, when installed together as a system, comply with the latest regulations, thus offer increased sound protection for a pleasant and quiet atmosphere within the walls of a home.

wedi Nonstep ProS is a high-quality and recycable sound insulation fleece which is used under the wedi Fundo shower elements to significantly reduce water impact and footstep noises. The Nonstep ProS not only meets the minimum requirements (DIN 4109) but has also been successfully tested in the wedi system for compliance with the increased sound insulation requirements (VDI 4100).

  • Reduces noises such as water noise (shower noises) and footfall noise
  • Low installation height
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Tension-reducing

Technical properties of wedi Nonstep ProS

Material base Polyester fiber (PET)
Thickness 9 mm
Compressibility ≤ 2,5 mm
Sound insulation dependent on composition, see test certificate no. 2819187-02.01. + 819187-02.02. + 819187-02.03.
Fire behaviour EN 13501-1 B-s2, d0
Area weight 2.100 g/m²
Dimensions 900 × 900 mm
1.200 × 600 mm
Sound insulation

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length x width x thickness
011255007 wedi Nonstep ProS Sound insulation fleece 900 x 900 x 9 mm
011255008 wedi Nonstep ProS Sound insulation fleece 1200 x 600 x 9 mm

Applications wedi Nonstep ProS

For improvement of the sound insulation which is required in accordance with DIN 4109 (minimum requirement) and VDI 4100 (increased requirements). To be installed under wedi Fundo systems.

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