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New shower wall module: full of technology, free of water Always at the forefront of innovation, wedi brings a new, ready-to-install shower wall solution to the market that - with its factory-integrated, hot and cold-water pipes, Hansgrohe iBox and reinforcements for the shower outlets - cuts back on labour and interactions between different trades on the construction site. It is not only 100% waterproof, but also saves a great amount of time and hence allows for a faster and safer project completion.
Simple, fast and safe - from the drain of the shower to the surface of the wall - wedi designs bathrooms of a monastery The Trappist Monastery, an ancient building in Chimay, Belgium, has been a place of prayer and work for the monks of Scourmount since 1862. For visitors who want to share the peace of the monks, a wing of the venerable building, known as the "hostel", is always open. Each of the 60 rooms has a private bathroom, of which 20 have recently been refurbished. The monks decided with a complete, all-round renovation in order to prevent water damage from the old, worn-out drains and pipes. In addition to the new technology, an another, very important aspect needed to be taken into account: the ambience of this very special building had to be preserved. The wooden substructure in the bathrooms had to be protected from moisture with insulation ensured so that the accommodation, like the rest of the monastery, became a place of peace and quiet.
wedi – systemised approach for new bathrooms As a leading system provider of waterproof construction and shower systems, wedi develops modular products that fit perfectly together. Not only can various wedi elements be easily combined in any way you like, but the installation time is significantly reduced too. Added bonus: laborious and/or risky work steps are integrated into prefabricated wedi products as much as possible, reducing stress and giving peace of mind for the installer.
Thermal bath in a listed building: safe and fast renovation thanks to wedi The term spa is from the latin term "sanus per aquam", meaning "health by water", and is taken literally in the case of Neptunbad in North Rhine-Westphalia. The bath in the west of Cologne was built in 1912 by the Royal Prussian architect Johannes Baptist Kleefisch in Art Nouveau style and has been operating as a wellness and fitness facility since 2002. Two unusual sauna areas are particularly popular: the Asian sauna and bathing area and the listed, historic Art Nouveau sauna. The protection of the listed building was a great challenge during the renovation of the wellness area.
New perspectives in bathroom design The demand for modern shower spaces is becoming more and more diverse. Each bathroom requires individual solutions that not only optimally match the spatial conditions but also the personal taste of the customer. wedi Fundo Shower Systems provide a universal answer to all questions relating to shower space design. Shower areas can be easily customised with the practical wedi Shower Configurator. Over 2,000 variations open up numerous perspectives for a versatile design.
wedi wins BUILD Architecture Award 2022 For the eighth time, BUILD Magazine is honoring the most innovative projects and products in the field of design and architecture with the Architecture Awards. With its waterproof system solutions for bathrooms and wet rooms, wedi won one of the coveted awards in the category "Best Shower & Wet Room Systems Supplier Australasia" this year.
Systemised sealing Thanks to wedi's innovative system solutions, customised, reliably sealed shower enclosures can be designed and created within the shortest possible time and with minimal effort. The broad wedi portfolio offers optimally coordinated, 100% waterproof products that can be combined with one another to create a safe, complete system.
wedi wins awards for shower elements and design surfaces The system provider wedi is an innovation driver in the construction industry for bathrooms and wet rooms and has repeatedly been receiving awards for its products. For the proven wedi Fundo shower system, wedi has been awarded the 'brand of the century' and is on the list of winners alongside big and well-known brands such as Ritter Sport, Miele and Persil. Almost at the same time, the ready-to-install surfaces of the wedi Top Line also won two recognised design awards: "All three awards are great feedback for our company!", said Stephan Wedi and Fabian Rechlin, managing director of wedi GmbH.
wedi Fundo shower elements – economical, secure, accessible A tiled floor-level shower or rather a bathtub with a shower? A fundamental question that has a lasting impact on the design and character of any bathroom. As a base under the tile, wedi Fundo shower elements create almost limitless design possibilities, both in renovation and new build projects.
Bathroom refurbishment The age of a bathroom can often be seen at first glance: a bathtub with dated tiling that is visibly aged. It can however be brought back to life quickly and easily without the need for a complex renovation. With wedi solutions, old bathrooms shine in a new light within no time at all, making them not only visually more appealing, but also more comfortable; for example, by turning an old bathtub into a functional, floor-level shower with elegant design surfaces that enhance the bathroom.
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