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Bathroom refurbishment

A new bathroom in no time

The age of a bathroom can often be seen at first glance: a bathtub with dated tiling that is visibly aged. It can however be brought back to life quickly and easily without the need for a complex renovation. With wedi solutions, old bathrooms shine in a new light within no time at all, making them not only visually more appealing, but also more comfortable; for example, by turning an old bathtub into a functional, floor-level shower with elegant design surfaces that enhance the bathroom.

According to VDS (German Sanitary Industry Association), the past two years have already seen a high increase in bathroom renovations, and the outlook for 2022 is also positive. The sanitary sector benefits from increased refurbishment budgets, the trend towards "living-room bathrooms", more exclusivity and barrier-free bathrooms.  Since the bathroom is usually renovated about every 20 years, the future needs to be taken into careful consideration. Barrier-free aspects are included, the design deliberately focuses on use by all generations and across different phases of life.

Old bathtub out, new shower in

A bathtub, which was a must have in a 70s bathroom, being used less and less as the users age. The high edge makes it difficult to get in and the fear of falling in the slippery tub often leads users to take a soothing bubble bath instead. Bathrooms can be refurbished in no time at all with wedi elements such as flush-to-floor shower trays that are key components to a barrier-free approach. For this purpose, the existing  connections of the bathtub can be used, which simplifies the installation considerably. The first step is to remove the old bathtub. The waterproof wedi Fundo shower element is then installed on the floor. Here, the precise gradient is prefabricated into the element during manufacturing and therefore the building of the shower is made considerably easier for the installer. wedi is also used on the existing walls.  Depending on the condition of the wall, any unevenness or an old backsplash for example, can easily be levelled out and sealed at the same time with wedi building boards. This creates a perfectly flush wall and an ideal base for surface design. A wedi niche can easily be integrated even into individual wall designs, creating convenient storage without compromising on the floor space. A bench or a shower seat offering relaxation and comfort during showering are particularly popular choices for a future-oriented bathroom. Since wedi building boards and wedi shower elements are completely waterproof, as "board-shaped seals" they comply with the DIN 18534 standard, which regulates the "sealing of interior spaces".  This means that they require no additional waterproofing.

Finally, the wall, the shower floor and also niches and benches can be clad with matching wedi Top design surfaces. These modern design surfaces bring style to the bathroom and are available in 5 colours: a homogeneous pure white to match modern sanitary ware and carbon black, sahara beige, stone grey and concrete grey with a natural stone look. Not only wedi XPS elements but also Top design surfaces are bonded with the wedi 610 adhesive sealant. Replacing the old bathtub, a spacious, barrier-free shower is created in no time at all.

Pre-production saves assembly time

Another advantage of wedi elements is the high degree of prefabrication. Depending on requirements, even entire wall elements can be prefabricated at the wedi factory and then delivered to the construction site ready for installation. Depending on specifications, the required technology can also be integrated. Reinforcement plates can also be installed at the factory, so that subsequent assembly of a handgrip, towel rack or glass door is possible without any problems. As the individual elements are manufactured to exact specifications, laborious adjustments on the construction site are no longer necessary. This saves stress, time and effort whilst reducing dust levels and therefore contribute to a safer working environment on the construction site. As a result, refurbishments can be carried out in a safe and straightforward manner.

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