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Fundo RioLigno – revolutionising wet rooms on timber floors

Accessible shower system for moisture sensitive timber floors

There are surfaces, such as wood, that are extremely vulnerable to moisture and thus to mould and fungi development.  In such structures, the sealing of shower areas must be done with appropriate care allowing sufficient time for a precise and secure result in order to preserve the wooden structure beneath. The shower element itself must not exceed an outer edge thickness of 25 mm for an optimal flush-fit with existing floor boards. The wedi Fundo RioLigno shower element stands out precisely because of its extremely low installation height despite its attractive, close-to-wall channel drainage.

wedi products are developed with practicality, versatility and functionality in mind. Fundo shower elements from wedi can be installed on almost any substrate and are also individually tileable. The dense foam core along with its special coating ensure that the system is completely watertight whilst pre-fabricated even slopes eliminate time-consuming levelling measures on site and thus the correct functioning of the system is guaranteed. The Fundo range also meets requirements for accessibility as long as the tile format is at least 50 x 50 mm.

Quick and reliable installation

Current trend shows increased popularity of walk-in showers but when it comes to suspended timber floors, it is imperative to carefully evaluate between different brands in order to select the best solution. It is not uncommon for installation to be a challenge in bathrooms with suspended timber floors: in order to be able to realise a flush-to-floor installation on timber floors, the shower element must be integrated into the existing wooden surface layer. Naturally, the construction height of the shower element needs to be as low as possible at the outside edges because generally there is only 20 to 25 mm available. “Despite this obstacle, installation of a walk-in shower area with linear drainage is now possible thanks to the new Fundo RioLigno. It is designed so that the drain technology sits in the installation space between beams therefore, thanks to its outer edge of just 25 mm, the RioLigno can be integrated flush into the wooden surface layer. Keeping safety at focus above everything else, the shower element is also fitted with a support plate on the underside reinforcing the area around the drain opening thus provides unrivalled peace of mind within the moisture sensitive and ever moving timber floor” explains Britta Rugulies, Product Manager at wedi.

Thanks to close collaboration with industry professionals wedi knows all too well that leaks often result from poor positioning of the drain body. In order to eliminate any possibility of failure, installation of the drain is further simplified by the wedi Fundo channel drain substructure element. It guarantees reliable support and accurate aligning of the drain thus eliminates time consuming building and filling with mortar and screed.

Uniquely, all Fundo shower elements have a 360˚ dry-fit drain technology that offers reassurance of their use in/on timber floors and a sealing set developed especially for the all-round sealing of their perimeters. With the wedi Fundo sealing set, sealing to adjoining surfaces can also be done quickly and simply.

Stylish channel drain

“Our RioLigno simply has style,” says Britta Rugulies  “as the water disappears under the attractive linear stainless steel cover into a narrow channel body and flows from there into the drain underneath. The clean, architectural orientation of such linear drainage is very appealing and is consistently on trend. The flow rate is identical to that of point drainage – the only difference here is the owner’s preference.”

A reliable complete system

Spatial requirements – like a suspended timber floor – usually require a tailor-made shower solution which can be adapted to suit the client’s taste. In order to make planning of an individual shower even easier, wedi has developed a shower area configurator. The tool can be accessed online at any time to create a dream shower together with the client. After selecting the desired components and quantities, the system recommends the right wedi products for the initial situation and, at the same time, prevents incorrect orders. Once the shower is configured, the user receives the parts list directly as a PDF. If you are registered as a user on the shower configurator, then using this PDF, a quotation can be immediately requested from a registered dealer. The result is a customised shower even for spaces with specific requirements.

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February 2021

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