15-year Certified Installer Guarantee

The 15-year Certified Installer Guarantee is granted for the execution of a wedi shower unit. This guarantee is only offered to certified wedi specialised contractors. A claim to the guarantee only arises after written authorisation by wedi. The release takes place within the framework of the defined process of the guarantee contract.

What needs to be fulfilled?
The minimum requirement for the 15-year Certified Installer Guarantee is that the shower area is executed with a floor-level wedi shower and all surfaces in the shower exposed to water (walls, niches, seats, shelves, ...) are executed with sealants from wedi (BA; Subliner Dry or Dry & Flex or wedi 520). The interfaces and penetrations must be sealed with the wedi system components (sealing tape, sealing corner pieces, sleeves). The execution is based on the ZDB information leaflet.

System components - wedi shower unit (example)

  • Shower element incl. drain system (e.g. wedi Fundo Plano)
  • Wall sealing of the directly adjacent wall surfaces of the Fundo.
    • a. BA incl. bonding with wedi 610
    • b. Subliner Dry or Dry & Flex
    • c. wedi 520
  • Lead-throughs for pipework are sealed with a sealing sleeve and wedi 610.
  • Floor sealing in the peripheral areas (sealing set, sealing tape, sealing corner pieces)

Further requirements:

  • The products are to be installed according to the installation instructions of the manufacturer wedi.
  • Damages must be reported immediately.
  • The object must be announced in advance and the necessary documents must be completed in accordance with the guarantee contract and sent to wedi.

Guarantee services:

  • The product features and services covered by the guarantee can be found on the respective product pages.
  • Free replacement for the faulty product.
  • Reimbursement of the documented and necessary expenses for the costs of the remediation measures, up to a maximum of €20,000 per claim and a maximum of €40,000 per order.
  • Compensation for third-party property damage (with the exception of compensation for financial losses, such as loss of profit, business interruption or loss due to production costs).

The period is 15 years, beginning on the day of acceptance of the work, but no longer than 15.5 years from delivery.

The guarantee is limited to the client and the original installer.

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