What does the wedi system include?

The wedi system includes the full wedi range required for design and sealing in wet areas. The focus here is on sealing the required areas of the entire wet room.

Difference between warranty and guarantee

wedi offers a 10-year guarantee on all wedi products specified in the wedi price list. Herewith wedi offers a voluntary guarantee that goes beyond the statutory warranty claims.


Warranty" or "liability for defects" refers to the statutory regulations that customers may invoke if the goods they have purchased are defective, provided that the defect already existed at the time of sale. This also applies to hidden defects.


The "guarantee" is not a warranty, but a voluntary declaration by the guarantor (manufacturer or dealer) for a specific case, and is therefore to be completely distinguished from the statutory warranty.

The individual duration of the guarantee granted is left to the guarantor to decide; there is no maximum limit for this - provided that the promised guarantee roughly corresponds to the expected service life of the product in question.

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