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Barrier-free and reliable showers by wedi

Accessible bathrooms create comfort and safety hence in recent years, installation is becoming increasingly popular in public and private bathrooms. In a Trappist monastery in Chimay, Belgium: for visitors who want to share the peace of the monks for a while, a wing of the venerable building, known as the "hostel", is always open. The old bathrooms of this wing were in need of an urgent, complete renovation due to badly worn drains and pipes. The implementation of barrier-free showers was paramount despite the sensitive wooden floor. Thanks to wedi products, builders and tilers mastered this challenge. These products can not only be installed barrier-free, but also meet all building requirements: wedi subconstruction elements protect the wooden substrate whilst the carbon black design elements of the wedi Top Line used on wall and floor surfaces maintain the ambience of the monastery.

The popularity of floor-level showers however, thanks to their universal nature in being accessible for all ages in any phase of life, is on the rise for not only public but also private areas. They make getting into a shower, maintaining independence and comfort much easier for youngsters and seniors alike.

A bathroom without barriers – access for all generations

A bathroom without barriers is optimally usable for all generations. It is the ideal solution that many bathroom users want and which offers significant advantages, especially in a multi-generation household. With the products of the Emsdetten based wedi GmbH, flush-to-floor, barrier-free showers as well as tailor-made bathroom furniture such as a washstand or washbasin can be easily designed and built. Equipped with sophisticated design surfaces of the wedi Top Line, the barrier-free bathroom is set in style. The goal is an aesthetic, comfortable and functional bathroom in all phases of life.

Flush-to-floor showers – comfort in every situation

The shower is at the centre of the everyday bathroom routine for most users. Naturally, a walk-in shower area with barrier-free access is always an advantage. wedi Fundo shower systems convince with functional and reliable variants: available in a wide variety of designs, they are particularly safe. They have especially high compressive strength - when covered with tiles from a size of 5 x 5 cm or with Fundo Top ready-to-install design surfaces, they can also be used for wheelchair access. Many of these shower elements are also available in a size of 1.20 x 1.20 m and 1.50 x 1.50 m. This makes the creation of accessible, barrier-free shower space possible at any time in accordance with standard specifications of DIN 18040 – part 2, in which the requirements for a barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible version of the private bath are listed. Another plus point: flush-to-floor showers with a spacious shower area create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. wedi also provides solutions for demanding room situations, such as in the Trappist monastery in Belgium, which can be implemented by the installer with as little effort as possible. In small bathrooms, a flush-to-floor shower surface can also be used as a space for movement, for example as a turning point for the wheelchair.

Surface design with wedi – aesthetic and reliable

When choosing the surface, non-slip materials are crucial to ensure a firm footing – especially for the older generations. For this requirement, wedi offers the elements of the Fundo Top series as a seamless alternative to tiles: They are not only precisely matched in size and slope to the corresponding Fundo elements, but also slip-proof. Thanks to their seamless nature they are especially easy to maintain. The quality of the completely dyed-through, high-quality mineral composite material makes them resistant to mould and the antibacterial effect offers an added value by promoting hygiene in the bathroom. Walls and niches can also be individually designed with wedi's modern design surfaces in four colours with natural stone look. The pure white variant as a homogeneous surface to match modern sanitary ware completes the available colours to a total of five.

Shower bench – for maximum comfort

For a safe feeling in the shower, details can make all the difference: a niche integrated into the shower wall is the ideal storage solution without compromising on floor space, especially in small bathrooms. This leaves plenty of room for mounting grab rails or benches if necessary. The Sanoasa bench 3 with its gently curved seat edge for example, can be easily integrated into the shower. In the wedi product range, there are many other shower benches in different shapes, dimensions and designs such as a floating seat for example, all of which enable comfortable body care and contribute to a relaxed showering experience. Children find it easier to shower when they are sitting on the bench to wash their feet or standing at eye level with their parents, who help to wash their hair.  Furthermore, a heating system can be integrated into some of the wedi benches, which significantly increases the wellness factor once again.

Wheelchair accessible washbasin - individually designed

In a barrier-free bathroom, the vanity also plays an important role. It is imperative that it can be accessed by wheelchair. In addition to the wedi Sanbath floating washbasin with stylish drainage channel, wedi building boards can also be used to design tailor-made washbasins or even washstands in different dimensions, according to the customer's requirements and the available space. This means that the washbasin adapts to the overall design of the bathroom and that functional comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand.  With its system solutions, wedi enables a bathroom design with as few barriers and as much comfort and safety as possible for every phase of life.

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