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Goodbye 80s bathroom - A family bathroom renovated quickly, cleanly and safely with wedi

Waterproof construction elements and high-quality design surfaces for an aesthetic design

Texas and back: after the German Hullerman family had lived in the USA for several years due to professional reasons, it was finally decided to move back home to Germany. Their new home, a detached house in the Münsterland region, was quickly found but the bathroom in particular did not appeal at all. A quick renovation was needed - after all, the family wanted to move in as soon as possible. The innovative and proven wedi systems with their directly tileable, waterproof construction elements and high-quality design surfaces offered an ideal solution for the quick planning and fast execution of their project. Their new friendly, modern and at the same time practical family bathroom made the start of the Hullermanns' life in their new home even more pleasant.

The bathroom with its dark brown wooden ceilings, outdated blue ceramic sanitary ware and standard white/grey tiling from the 80s had visibly passed its best days. The young family of three quickly realised: in order to feel comfortable and to be prepared for the coming years, a complete renovation was necessary. "It was clear to us from the start that some measures would be necessary to redesign the 160 square metre house in order to meet our requirements ", explains the head of the family, Thorsten Hullermann: "the renovation of every room had to be done quickly in order for us to move into our new home in a timely manner. All in all, the renovation of the house took only about three months".  

Innovation meets functionality

The bathroom was designed by the award-winning bathroom designer Stephan Pöppelmann. "The Hullermann family wanted a modern look, but at the same time the bathroom had to be functional and convenient. One of the most important factors was adaptability to future requirements with the key word being "cross-generational bathroom", explains the specialised designer.

Simple, fast, safe

wedi's high-quality construction elements made from rigid polystyrene foam are ideally suited to create an appealing bathroom that meets all requirements in a simple, quick and timely manner. These elements offer various options for designing modern and highly functional bathrooms and at the same time ensure a high level of security within the system. Aesthetic design surfaces of the wedi Top Line were also used.

Perfect position for the bathtub

In order to create a friendly and at the same time visually pleasing environment with a timeless look, glossy white tiles were combined with matt grey tiles in a natural stone look. Thanks to two large washbasins with a wide cabinet substructure that offers plenty of storage space for towels and washing utensils, there is now sufficient space for the daily bathroom routines of all members of the family. The bathtub found the perfect spot beneath the roof slope - the large skylight allows a direct view of the sky while enjoying a relaxing bath and offers plenty of daylight for natural illumination of the room.

Brilliantly fitted shower area

Subtle ceiling spotlights serve as an additional, on demand light source. When entering the room, the spacious and flush-to-floor shower is not directly noticed. "We kind of created an enclosure for the shower", explains Stephan Pöppelmann. "There are several advantages: with the shower area being separated from the rest of the bathroom, the splash water area is reduced to a minimum and the available space can be used to its full potential. The level entrance is also a feel-good factor for everyone". So, the Hullermann family enjoys maximum comfort in the shower - including plenty of space, a practical bench, functional shower fittings, elegant design and a chic drainage channel as well as a storage area for shower utensils discreetly integrated into the wall.

Optimum sealing

The comfort in the entire bathroom was made possible within a few weeks by wedi’s versatile construction elements made from extruded rigid polystyrene foam. These can be easily stored, transported and cut to the desired dimensions on the building site while being absolutely waterproof and robust. All walls, where sealing was required according to DIN 18534, were clad and designed with wedi building boards. In addition, to separate the shower from the walking area, a wedi Sanwell wall with an integrated niche was used as a sturdy partition that also offers enough space for shower lotion and shampoo.

Fundo Top and wedi Top Wall

A special highlight in the shower area is provided by wedi Top Wall and Fundo Top design surfaces. These high-quality design surfaces provide a seamless thus hygienic finish that is naturally warm to touch and has an organic feel. The flush-to-floor shower element was equipped with a matching Fundo Top in a homogeneous, pure white colour. This particular colour matches modern white sanitary ware thus integrate wonderfully into almost every bathroom.

"Another benefit, in addition to these surfaces being scratch-resistant and hard-wearing, is their easy maintenance. The Fundo Top surface can be attached to the corresponding wedi flush-to-floor shower element with wedi 610 completely free of drilling and screws", says Thomas Seifert, Sales Manager of wedi Germany and Austria. The back wall of the shower, lined with wedi Top Wall, turned into a feature wall. The design surface has the same product characteristics as the Fundo Top, the only difference: the black surface is given a natural stone look that gives it character, so that - as in nature - the individual elements slightly differ from each other.

No queue

When planning this bathroom, it was important to consider freedom of movement, so that several family members can use the room at the same time without any congestion. Tripping hazards were eliminated and storage areas and niches were placed at an easily accessible height. Two niches in the wall next to the bathtub provide sufficient space for care products or decorative elements. "Thanks to the enclosed flush-to-floor shower and niches, there was enough space for two wide washstands so queues in the bathroom during busy morning routines can be avoided and the WC fades into the background," Pöppelmann explains.

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October 2020

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