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Fundo Riolito Drain Kit (vertical)

Fundo Riolito Drain Kit (vertical)

„Fundo drains.“

wedi offers the compatible and systemised drain technology for the flush-to-floor shower elements. Because of the low installation height and water-tight security design concept, these systems are well excellently suited for use in new builds and renovations. There is a variety of different versions for vertical designs available:

  • Design variations:
    - vertical in DN 50

  • Only the wedi drainage system for Fundo can be used for Fundo floor elements.
The drains can be combined with the following Fundo series:
  • Fundo Riolito Neo
  • Fundo Riolito Neo modular

Technical properties – Fundo Drain

The Fundo Riolito neo is available
with channels in the following lengths/widths

300 mm/40 mm
700 mm/40 mm
800 mm/40 mm
900 mm/40 mm
1100 mm/40 mm
Drain performance depending on the drain selected:
Fundo Riolito neo drain, vertical, DN 50
1,1 l/s;
66,0 l/min

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length x width x thickness
US1000042 Fundo Riolito Drain Kit 1 pc

Fundo vertical drain

Fundo Riolito Drain Kit (vertical)

Impressions of vertical drain for linear drainage

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