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Welcome to the realm of relaxation and recreation! The new steam bath series from wedi offers pretty much everything that makes a normal shower a complete oasis of well-being. Our modular system allows you to configure your individual steam bath. A finished roof coating, factory steam brake and a high-quality flush-mounted body for your steam bath are just as much part of the equipment as the various designs, which can be incorporated individually into the room concept. Optionally, lighting and shower technology can be configured. The entire water supply is already pre-assembled in the system and will only be connected to the supply lines on site.


Steam bath Vetra Steam bath Vetra
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Efficient construction according to the "plug & play" principle

Our modular steam baths are already supplied with flush-mounted fittings, hot and cold water pipes integrated in the factory and not only offer you the highest level of comfort and luxury, but also a quick and easy installation that will delight you.

With our innovative plug-and-play system, installing your steam bath is easier than ever. No more costly laying of pipes or complicated connections. All components are already installed in the factory by our plumbing expert and master craftsmen. Our modular steam baths are designed to integrate seamlessly into your bathroom.

Steam bath

Thought right through to the design surface

Choose from a variety of colors that best suit your style and mood. From soothing whites to timeless grays to vibrant hues, let your creativity run wild and design the surfaces of your steam bath to your liking. Whether with tiles or our TOP WALL surfaces.

Treat yourself to the best for your steam bath – opt for our finished mineral-cast surfaces. Quality, style and ease of assembly combined in one product. Make your wellness area a real eye-catcher and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of our surfaces. You will be thrilled!

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The wedi benches offer plenty of space to relax and unwind. The innovative design of the wedi benches fits seamlessly into any steam bath and gives it a stylish touch. Whether you prefer a classic or modern ambience, our benches adapt to your individual preferences. With a straight, angled or rounded seat edge in a variety of widths or as a floating seat, the right variant is available for every taste and purpose.

Steam bath

Smart lighting technology for wedi steam baths

Light in the steam bath transforms your wellness oasis into a magical place of the senses. Immerse yourself in a play of colors that touches your soul and enchants your senses. From soft blue to soothing green to vibrant red, choose the color that best reflects your mood and let it envelop you.

And the best thing about it? Our light in the steam bath is easy to install and is specially designed for the high requirements in the steam bath. Whether at home or in the spa, transform your space into an oasis of light and relaxation. Enjoy the soothing warmth and be inspired by the colors.

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