Das Unternehmen wedi
Das Unternehmen wedi
Das Unternehmen wedi

The practical covering makes the difference

The sector is familiar with the directly tileable building materials, the floor-level showers and the design modules from wedi. Founded 35 years ago, the innovation leader is today active in 36 countries and works closely with architects, specialist dealers and tilers for all of its new developments.

The wedi range is characterised by its requirements for diversity, simplicity and reliability. In the case of the building materials and elements, an enormous degree of flexibility with regard to formats and shapes ensures freedom in design. Contractors value the system components, which are few in number, precisely coordinated to one another and synonymous with rapid and custom-fit assembly. The great feeling of security with regard to technology is integrated: wedi building boards and elements are 100 percent waterproof. The company offers a premium-quality service – from marketing aids, over further training, to support with application technology.

wedi also presents clever solutions for common building problems with its latest product innovations for floor-level showers. In many installation situations, planners and contractors encounter assembly heights that are too low. Fundo Plano solves this problem in an elegant fashion. The complete system, made up of a floor element and an integrated drain, measures 65 mm tall – and thus also fits into spaces where every millimetre counts. This also applies to the new floor-level shower element, Fundo Ligno, which is unique in that it can fit perfectly into suspended timber floor structures.

Factory Tour - Welcome to Emsdetten, Germany
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